Zong Balance Share Code Method – Zong Yaari Load

In this article, we are going to provide you the code to share Zong balance with your friends and family. The Zong balance share code is also called as Zong yaari load and is used to share balance with friends and family.

Zong Balance Share Code (How To)

With Zong yaari load you can easily share mobile balance with your friends, family or any other Zong user. The process is pretty simple. Just Dial *828# to share the balance with your friends. The format is available below.

Easy Zong Balance Share Yaari Code

Dial *828# and you will get a confirmation message with in a few seconds. Now, confirm the message by sending a reply to 1. Or, pressing One if it is a prompt. In both cases, your balance will be shared with the person you have asked to share balance with.

Request Zong Balance Share Yaari Code

Good news is that you can also ask someone to share balance with you. Here is the code to do that. The Zong code to request balance from someone is called:*829# (Code for Zong Balance Request feature)

You can also share balance by dialing *828*03132XXXXXX*20#.

Price: Rs 2

This means you will be able to send mobile balance to any one through the easy Zong balance sharing code.

You should know that the facility is available for Zong to Zong balance transfer, and limited to Zong prepaid customers.

Note: You will have to confirm the message to complete the transaction.

The option is available to all Zong prepaid customers. It doesn’t matter what Zong package you are using, the prices are excluding of all taxes.

Conditions for Zong Balance Share Code:

– Codes can be changed by Zong anytime.
– Company can change the conditions of the Zong balance share code at anytime.

FAQs for Zong Balance Share Yaari CodeĀ 

How to share Zong balance with other networks?
No. Zong doesn’t allow the Zong balance share facility to share balance with other networks at this time. You should wait and perhaphs Zong may allow it in the next few years.

What are Zong Balance Share Charges?
You will be charged 2PKR + Tax for sharing Zong balance with friends and family.

Zong balance share karnay ka tarika?
Zong balance share karnay ka tarika bahut asan hai. Simply send an SMS to *828# and you will receieve a confirmation message. Now enter the number of the friend. Press 1 to confirm again and the balance will be shared. You can also share balance by dialing *828*03132XXXXXX*20#.

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