Al Hayer Forest Dubai: Activities, Location, Timings

Al Hayer Forest Dubai is a hidden oasis in the middle of Dubai that has more natural beauty than you would think. The trees are so tall and lush; it’s hard not to feel small when standing beneath their branches – even if they’re just shrubs by American standards!

Al Hayer Forest Dubai also includes statuesque animals native only overseas, such as rhinos or camels, on display for all visitors who want something different from what most people associate with this area.

What to do at Al Hayer Forest Dubai?

Al Hayer Forest is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Dubai. It’s easy to see why it can be a bit hot during the summer months, but what are some things you should do while visiting this forest? Here are some great options:

Arrange For A Picnic

Pack up your picnic supplies and head to a nearby park. Find a spot in the shade with plenty of room for everyone, dig out that blanket you haven’t used since last summer’s camping trip (if it isn’t too dirty), grab some food from home-or if all else fails; there are restaurants. Close by! Once ready, just wait until sunset – because, after this day, nothing will be as good again.

Spend The Night

One of the most popular activities in Dubai is camping. You can experience an off-the-grid life by going tent pitching and bringing all your food to eat while out under blue skies or starry nights!

There are so many places that offer desert adventures like Al Hayer Forest, where you’ll be able to enjoy this lifestyle without any distractions nearby for miles upon miles.


Are you feeling adventurous? Try an exciting drive across the dunes. The terrain is not difficult to manoeuvre in, but if you’re a beginner and don’t have any experience going off-road, it’s best to go with someone who has done this before as they can help guide your vehicle. Safely through!

Getting A Bonfire Going

You know that feeling when you’re sitting by the campfire, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows? It’s so warm in this environment, with all those sparks flying up into our eyes. The best part of staying at a campsite is being able to cook food too!

Be One With Nature

The sound of rustling leaves and singing birds fills your ears as you explore a forest. You are searching for new creatures to study, but it’s not long before they start showing up! Owls hoot mournfully while flying overhead just beyond their reach; bats flutter atop branches near waterfalls with soft crickets providing enough sounds beneath them so that together these strange inhabitants create harmony out here among nature’s vastness.

Take Pictures

There’s no better way to capture your adventure than with a camera! Al Hayer forest has plenty of scenic spots for selfies and landscape photography- any time you want. You will end up taking lots of memorable photos that are sure not soon forgotten, so make sure to take some extra batteries along on this trip (just in case).

Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting Al Hayer Forest

The Al Hayer Forest is a haven for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts. Visitors are asked not to cut any branches from the trees, as this can harm wildlife living inside them!

  • Clean your camping area so that they have room enough on their territory to relax or feed themselves without being worried about intruders coming into proximity with animals like cats (which many people mistake for dogs).
  •  Make sure when going away roughly what kinds of amenities will suffice need while out there
  • Bring everything necessary, including extra food just in case something happens

Finding Al Hayer Forest Dubai On Maps

If you’re looking for some peace, then Al Hayer Forest is the place to go. It’s located between Dubai and Al Ain on E66 & E55 highways which takes about an hour and a half from each airport!

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