Jumble Dubai Review: Location, Timings, Price

In this article on Jumble Dubai Review, you will read all you need to know about Jumble Dubai adventure park in detail including its location, contact and timings.

The first thing visitors notice when they enter Al Barsha’s newest attraction “JUMBLE DUBAI”, are its many installations scattered across five different rooms – two large halls with 100+ workspaces each as well as three smaller galleries showcasing artists’ work from around India.

What Is Jumble Dubai Indoor Adventure Park?

Jumble Dubai is the ultimate test of wits for those looking to get their brain juices flowing. This indoor maze features 16 rooms with unique challenges and over 200 puzzles where you are required to think outside the box, all while having fun! The concept at Jumble Dubai indoor park differs from typical escape room experiences in one major way: there isn’t any time limit on each challenge – so take as long as necessary before moving on to another room or coming back later if need be (though they keep track!).

What Can You Do at Jumble Dubai Indoor Park?

Entering through the doors is just like entering a movie set. You’re given wristbands that unlock different rooms, each with its own challenges waiting for you in them! If it’s not quite clear how to get past whatever obstacle might be standing before us then don’t worry because if want answers simply speak up and one of our staff will help guide their way.

What Challenges Can You Expect At Jumble Dubai?

The Jumble is a wonderfully unique and unconventional activity for those looking to test their mental abilities as well as skills in problem-solving, strategy development, or hand-eye coordination. You’ll need all three! There’s no time limit here so if you want an extended session make sure your mind stays active by playing outside of the two-hour limits (or four).

The JUMBLE challenges both physical and mental capabilities with this maze-like obstacle course that tests one’s ability not only at being agile but also innovative enough when faced with impossible situations.

Things to Remember When Visiting Jumble Dubai Indoor Park

Here are some important Points To Remember When Visiting Jumble Dubai.

For playing at Jumble, pay heed to these things:

  • Maintain a team of three or more people
  • Get an RFID wristband for registration.
  • Get briefed on how to solve puzzles from professionals who will be staffing the event!
  • Wear comfortable clothes

We recommend gym outfits and sports shoes (you’ll want them). And make sure your child is below 12 years old if they’re accompanying you during this time invested in fun family activities together as one unit!

What Facilities are Available at Jumble Dubai Indoor Park?

Jumble offers you the perfect place for your next event. With plenty of free parking spaces available at Jumper, it’s easy to see why people love coming here! There are also other services that can be organized during an event like excellent food and drinks from our catering company on site— all while making sure there is room in case more than one group wants to use the space same time as another person does so they don’t have separate meals or celebrations heading into their big day together

Jumble Dubai Indoor Park provides unforgettable experiences because we take care of every detail–from setting up through clean-up; whether it’s indoors (like what happened last week) or out under tented areas stocked full with fun activities just waiting for the future.

What are the Prices of Tickets at Jumble Dubai Adventure Park?

  • The ticket price of Jumble Dubai starts at AED 175 for two hours session for a single person.
  • Similarly, for 4-hour sessions costing an extra AED 125.
  • Jumble tickets for 4-hour sessions cost AED 225 per person.

Alongside individual bookings they also have group packages available so that you can celebrate your special day together!

Jumble Dubai also organizes birthday parties and corporate events. There are different options such as their Premium Package which includes food from French Bakery alongside 2 hrs worth of time in this fun activity; it will cost only AED 129  ($34) instead if compared to what most other companies out there offer:

Usually around AED 200/person.

Where is Jumble Dubai Located?

You can visit the indoor maze in Dubai without any inconvenience. The location is Al Barsha, Sheikh Zayed Road and it will open daily at 11:00 am until 10 pm on weekdays.\

Jumble Dubai Contact Number: +971-800 586253

Timing of Jumble Dubai Adventure Park

  • Daily, 11:00 am – 10:00 am
  • Sat: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Thurs-Fri/Public holidays: 10:00 am-midnight

Age Limit For Jumble Dubai Adventure Park

Children aged 12 years and above can participate in the challenges

Children aged 10 and 11 years old should be accompanied by an adult

Jumble Dubai Adventure Park Capacity

Jumble Dubai can accommodate only 200 people at a time. If you are bringing a school trip to Jumble Dubai, make sure to ask the management of Jumble Dubai in advance.




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