Alcohol license in Dubai - All you need to know

How to Apply for Alcohol License in Dubai

Visa Dubai How to Apply for Alcohol License in Dubai

If you want to know how to apply for an alcohol license in Dubai, then you have come to the right spot. Dubai is a modern metropolis where people from all over the world come to visit; it is a diverse yet cohesive city.

For visitors and citizens alike to feel at home in this multicultural society of more than 3 million residents who hail from various religions or cultural backgrounds, there are particular measures taken by both locals and tourists alike when they arrive in Dubai.

Regardless if you’re looking forward to an proper vacation and holding back because of the drinking restrictions then don’t worry, head on down to Dubai you’ll find everything you ever wanted here.

Here is all you need to know about Alcohol license in Dubai.

  • How do you Apply For an Alcohol License in Dubai?
  • What are the requirements, and what does it mean to have one of these licenses?

How do you Apply For an Alcohol License in Dubai

A drinking license allows residents who want alcohol for their homes from visiting restaurants or clubs, as long they’re licensed businesses with proper permits.  To apply for this type of permit, various criteria must be met, such as income level, owning the property where alcohol can legally be stored at present too; if all other conditions match, then applicants will receive applicant status within six months max!

Apply for Liquor License In Dubai: You Need These Things

  1. You must be at least 21 years old.

2. Your application will only be accepted by Non-Muslims who have never been convicted of any crime related to drugs or assault/ Battery against someone else (no exceptions).

3. Residents need their Emirates ID card and passports worth two months’ validity by a stamp that can enter into UAE without a Passport is valid for more than 30 days to travel throughout the country.

4. Tourists should bring along their Passport duly stamped

Documents Required for Alcohol License

In Dubai, anyone who wants to apply for a liquor license needs their Emirates ID. A permit remains valid for one year and can be renewed by following the same process–buying alcohol in-store is allowed when your renewal begins!

Previously residents had shown salary certificates of over 3 thousand dirhams per month or tenancy contracts with no objections from employers father/husband, but this too has changed: Now all documents are not required as long you have some sort of proof that proves how much money they make every month.

The easier way would be getting AED 100 million letters deposited at least thrice yearly into an account abroad than applying online.

You’re probably wondering how much it would cost to get an alcohol license in Dubai. The price is AED 270 for a new request, but you can visit any MMI or African + Eastern stores with your Emirates ID card and apply online instead!

It’s faster, too- all that needs to be done on this end of things is uploading some scanned copies from yourself while there’s no need to wait two weeks before collecting because once approved within 24 hours+, you order as typically near where you live.

Alcohol License in Dubai for Tourists

Tourists can purchase alcohol in Dubai with a passport. To do so, they must visit the MMI or African + Eastern store and sign-up at an officially sponsored kiosk for tourists who understand what rules apply to purchasing, transporting, and consuming alcohol there.

Afterward, all visitors will receive temporary permits valid 30 days from the date issued by immigration authorities as long as their entry stamp indicates that this is not only sightseeing but also includes any trips involving drinking alcoholic beverages while visiting UAE’s capital city.

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