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Indian Passport Renewal UAE: All You Should Know

Visa Dubai Indian Passport Renewal UAE: All You Should Know

How do I renew an Indian passport in the United Arab Emirates?

Indian expatriates in the UAE can renew their passports at the BLS International Services Centre, which also offers visa and passport services. The location is also where Indian passport renewal applications and costs are collected.

Please note that while BLS International Service Centers will collect all papers, your application will be processed by the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Indian Consulate General in Dubai.

Here’s how to renew your Indian passport in the United Arab Emirates.

Visit Nearest BLS Center With Required Documents

In order to renew your Indian passport in the UAE, go to the nearest BLS International Services Centre. 

Indian Passport Renewal Requirements In UAE

The following documents are required for Indian passport renewal in the UAE for valid UAE residence visa holders:

  • The applicant’s current original passport.
  • The applicant’s Emirates ID must be valid.

In some situations, such as an expired UAE residency visa, further documentation may be required. To learn more about the supporting materials, go to the official BLS Centre website.

When applying at BLS Centers in Dubai or the Northern Emirates, those holding UAE resident permits granted in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain must present supplementary documentation. This restriction also applies to visa applicants from Dubai or the Northern Emirates who apply at BLS Centers in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain.

Please carry legitimate evidence of residency (such as a tenancy contract) or a letter from your employer/company confirming that you work or live in the emirate while visiting the BLS Centers to renew your Indian passport in such instances.

Police Verification for Indian Passport Renewal

  • If you want to update any of your current passport information, such as your name or residence, the application will need to be verified by the police.
  • The applicant may request that the pre-police verification be switched to post-police verification in an emergency. Applicants can also apply for renewal via Total by paying an additional cost.

Applicants renewing Indian passports in Dubai or the rest of the UAE must present their documents and application in person at their local BLS Centre.

Indian Passport Renewal for Minors: Documents Required

These documents must be submitted if parents want to renew their child’s Indian passport in the UAE.

  • The applicant’s current original passport
  • The applicant’s Emirates ID must be valid.
  • Both parents’ current original passports (for verification)
  • Both parents’ Emirates IDs (for verification)

In order to renew an Indian passport in the UAE, both parents must accompany the child.

Using BLS centers to renew Indian passport in UAE 

Applicants who choose to renew their Indian passport at BLS Centers do not need to make an appointment. To obtain a token number, simply go to the facility. At the BLS Centre, you can bring photographs and photocopies of papers, as well as have the application form typed.

Present all documents to the submission officer and pay the requisite fees for an Indian passport renewal when it’s your turn. In addition, applicants renewing their Indian passports must sign the application form in front of the submission officer.

At this time, the BLS Centre in Abu Dhabi is only accepting a limited number of passport renewal applications. Applicants whose passports have previously expired or will expire shortly fall into this category.

Indian Passports: Premium Renewal Service 

Don’t want to be kept waiting for an extended period of time? The BLS Centre’s Premium Lounge service, which is offered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is an option for applicants. The BLS Centre website’s premium service allows you to schedule an appointment online. In a designated lounge area, you may also submit your applications faster and get a document pre-screening done.

Those who want to skip huge lines for Indian passport renewal in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can pay AED 236 for this service (per applicant). This does not, however, imply that your passport will be processed sooner.

Renewed India Passport by Courier

Adults and minors must wait at least 5 working days to acquire their new passport. Those who choose the Tatkal (urgent) option, on the other hand, can have their Indian passport renewal processed in only two days.

A courier service will deliver the applicants’ renewed Indian passports. The official BLS Centre UAE website can also be used to track the process of your Indian passport renewal.

Indian Passport Renewal Visa Pick-up

From 05:30 pm to 06:30 pm, passports returned by the courier service can be picked up at BLS – Al Khaleej Center (Dubai) and BLS – Shams Boutik (Abu Dhabi) (Saturday to Thursday).

How much does it cost to renew Indian passport in UAE?

The total Indian passport renewal fees is 441 AED in UAE. Urgent fees for Indian passport renewal is 641 AED in UAE

How do I Renew BLS Passport?

Register online through (Passport Seva at Indian Embassies and Consulates). Submit the print out of the filled application form including required documents and prescribed fee at the nearest BLS Centre.

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