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How to Renew Philippine Passport in UAE & Dubai

Visa Dubai How to Renew Philippine Passport in UAE & Dubai

Outside of your own country, a valid passport serves as an identity. If you’re a Filipino expat wishing to renew your Philippine passport in the United Arab Emirates, here’s how to do it in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In this guide to renewing your Philippine passport in the UAE, you’ll learn about online appointments, passport release, and associated charges.

How to Renew Philippines Passport In UAE & Dubai

Filipinos living in the UAE can renew their passports either at the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai or the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi. The processes for renewing a Philippine passport in Abu Dhabi or Dubai (UAE) are outlined below:

Get an Online Appointment

The first step for renewal of your Philippine passport in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is to arrange an appointment at either the Philippines Consulate General Dubai or the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi’s official websites.

The following are the procedures to book a Philippine passport renewal appointment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi over the internet:

  • Go to the embassy/website consulate’s and look for the E-passport appointment portal.
  • On the website, create an account.
  • Make an appointment by filling out the online form.

You will need to print the email confirmation of your appointment, as well as the QR code, in order to renew your Philippine passport in Dubai.

It’s best to schedule your Philippine passport renewal appointment at least 10 months to a year before the passport’s expiration date. This is due to the fact that appointments may not be available closer to the deadline, and the issuance of a Philippine passport might take some time.

If you’re making appointments as a family, each member must have their own appointment. To continue with the Philippine passport renewal process, you must have the email confirmation. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your passport renewal appointment is non-transferable.

According to the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi, all applicants must now schedule an online appointment for E-passport renewal, which includes:

  • Minors are those who are under the age of eight (below age 12)
  • Senior Citizens are those who have reached retirement age (age 60 and above)
  • People who are determined (with medical report)
  • Women who are pregnant (with medical certificate)

Email [email protected] to schedule an appointment for special needs children. Make sure the subject line says “special needs child.”

Keep Necessary Documents Ready

Certain Philippine E-passport renewal requirements apply, including a list of papers to bring with you to your consulate or embassy visit. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have modest differences.

For Dubai

The following papers are required for a Philippine passport renewal in Dubai. These must be provided by the candidate in person:

  • A printed copy of the appointment confirmation email, as well as a QR code.
  • Passport must be current and original.
  • E-passport application form completed.
  • Photocopies of the data page of the passport and the visa page.
  • The PH Statistical Authority (PSA) issues civil registration papers (birth or marriage certificates) that are certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

In the following cases, additional supporting documentation may be required:

In an ancient passport, there are insufficient facts about the place of birth.

Dual citizenship and/or surnames with a foreign ring to them.

Passports that have not been claimed for six months after their issuing date will be revoked.

For Abu Dhabi

The following papers, as well as the applicant’s personal appearance, are necessary for the renewal of a Philippine passport in Abu Dhabi:

  • E-passport application form completed.
  • Passport must be current and original.
  • A photocopy of the data page from the passport is required.

If you’re renewing a minor’s passport (17 years old or under), you’ll need:

  • An original and photocopy of a Philippine Statistics Authority Certificate of Live Birth and/or Report of Birth (PSA).
  • a photocopy of either parent’s passport
  • If the father starts the application, an original and photocopy of a certificate of marriage and/or Report of Marriage certified by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Additional papers, such as brown or green passports, married women who want to use their married surname or revert to their maiden name, may be required in addition to these. The embassy and consulate websites include information on the Philippine passport renewal requirements in such circumstances.

Visit the Embassy & Submit Your Documents

The next step in renewing your Philippine E-passport is to go to the Dubai Consulate or the Abu Dhabi Embassy, depending on where you made your appointment. To minimize any delays, arrive at least 15 minutes before to your appointment for Philippine passport renewal.

The procedures for visiting the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai differ slightly, as shown below.

Do you want to renew your Philippine passport in Dubai? When you arrive to the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai, you must do the following steps:

  • Continue straight to the Passport Processing Cabin (queue number is not required).
  • Place your original passport in the box next to your appointment time.
  • The processor will call your name and verify that you have satisfied all of the requirements and completed the application form.
  • If the processor approves your application, you can pay the Philippine passport renewal cost at the cashier.
  • To capture your image and biometrics, proceed to the encoding section.

When the encoder begins typing up the data, double-check that all details, such as your name and address, are right. In the event that the passport has any inaccuracies, the applicant will be responsible for the expense of updating the information.

Get Your New Passport

In Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you would have to wait four to eight weeks for your Philippine passport to be released.

Do you know how to see whether your Philippine passport is ready to be picked up? On the websites of the appropriate Philippines Embassy or Consulate, you may see if your renewed Philippine passport is ready for release. Every day, they update the list of passports that are available for release.

You will need to bring your receipt, your previous passport (for cancellation), and a reference number to the Philippine passport release in Dubai. On the consulate’s website, you may see this number next to your name on the list of passports ready for release.

Cost of Philippines Passport Renewal in Dubai & UAE

The cost of renewing a Philippine passport in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is AED 240 per person. There is no charge for making an online appointment for a Philippine passport renewal in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Philippines Embassy Contact Address & Phone Number

W-48, Street No. 8, Sector 2-23, Plot 51, Al Qubaisat is the address of the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Philippines Embassy is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

Do you have any further questions regarding renewing your Philippine passport in Abu Dhabi? The embassy may be reached at +971-2-639-0006 or +971-50-813-7836.

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