Top Six Locations to Buy Burrata Cheese in Dubai

Buy Burrata Cheese in Dubai

Travel is something that individuals who live in Dubai enjoy regularly doing. Aside from the tremendous number of air miles accumulated, the benefit of flying here, there, and everywhere is the wealth of treasures you may bring back to the UAE. As an example, consider Burrata cheese, which is velvety and delicious. A few years ago, this basic Italian delicacy started appearing on the menus of some of our city’s most upscale restaurants, and now, there are a plethora of options to select. The following are the top six locations if you search where to buy burrata cheese in Dubai.

La Petite Maison 

La Petite Maison Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Event, Party, Dinner

It is no longer difficult to find where to buy burrata cheese in Dubai. The fact that burrata (served with tomatoes and basil – AED 95) is offered as the trademark dish at one of Dubai’s most fashionable restaurants tells you that it is not something to be overlooked. With taste palettes as expensive as the shoes on their feet, the La Petite Maison clientele in Dubai International Financial Center will have no doubt tasted this delicately creamy, yet robust, cheese first hand in Italy, and LPM (as regulars know it) is guaranteed to transport you there in just one mouthful.

La Serre 

laserre-downtown-terrace - La Serre

The parallels between LPM and La Serre are undeniable. Still, apart from a few menu similarities (which, let’s face it, occurs in most upscale restaurants that specialize in cuisine from a certain area), the two establishments have entirely distinct moods. While the creamy and silky burrata here (AED 95) is served simply with deliciously ripe tomatoes, the bright and airy Downtown Boulevard setting seems a little more casual than its DIFC cousin, which has a more formal atmosphere. Like burrata, it is the perfect spot for a basic lunch with a refined edge, which this establishment is.


ROBERTO'S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE, Dubai - Dubai International Financial Centre  (DIFC) - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Reservations - Tripadvisor

What Roberto’s in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) doesn’t know about Italian cuisine isn’t worth learning.  At AED 105, their burrata is costly for the dishes on our list, but it is worth the additional dirhams. Fresh burrata (with enough of those somewhat chewy and creamy strips) is served in a warm shell in this sophisticated but friendly eatery, accompanied with tangy-sweet cherry tomatoes and fragrant garden basil. It is aromatic and generous, and you will find yourself returning time.

Sass Cafe 

Covid-19: Monaco's legendary Sass Cafe shuts down

Sass cafe is best if you search for where to buy burrata cheese in Dubai. With their piece of milky cheese served with truffle honey and grilled peach (AED 95), this party venue has transformed a typically predictable meal into something as intriguing as the mixed beverages that are also available on the premises. Similar to the rest of the establishment, the burrata served here is a little showy, a little fancy, and a little devoted to being unusual. Although this is a dressed-up version of a classic, the risky experimentation with such a well-known dish pays off. It’s a mouth-wateringly wonderful dish.

Qbara Restaurant

Qbara Restaurant in Dubai

Qbara, a fashionable restaurant in Qbara Wafi Mall, provides yet another unusual twist on burrata, with theirs served with fava beans, minted peas, and kalamata olives, among other ingredients (AED 95). The smooth and almost sweet cheese flavor is delightfully enhanced by the freshness of the garden herb and the earthiness of the salad, allowing you to enjoy it in a whole new light. The fact that it’s not the most anticipated way of serving makes it all the more memorable — and for all the right reasons.


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Eataly is a game-changer for people looking to indulge in a little good food while they are out spending their money. This reasonably priced dish has a large quantity of fresh burrata cheese on top of an equally heavy bed of creamy Pomodoro sauce, completed with the typical sprinkle of basil, for a total cost of AED 75. With handy outlets in both Dubai Mall and Festival City, a quick trip to the stores might take you far further than you expect to go.

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