How to Check Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage

Airtel Internet broadband allows you convenience and increased efficiency from the comfort of your home. It is a fast and comfortable internet service that offers complete package of internet, data, and mobile network. Airtel is one of the fastest broadband internet services available in India. It is for all those who want to use airtel broadband connection for fast speed and improved performance over the internet.

Through it users can easily watch facebook, play their favorite games online, or download apps of their choice. The Airtel broadband internet data usage is limited to the data package that you choose. There are multiple data packages available but the only problem that most users have is how to check Airtel internet data usage? Because the broadband package can easily run out, the airtel internet data usage will allow users to know when they are running out of service.

In this post I am going to tell you about how you can get an easy way to Check Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage. The offer is valid for anyone because people don’t know how to check Airtel broadband data usage.

How to Check Airtel Broadband Data Package Usage

Airtel smartbytes page is the place where you can find information about broadband data usage. The site allows users to simply visit a link and check airtel broadband data usage.

Here is the complete process to find broadband internet data usage:

First of all go to the Airtel smart bytes package and choose a product.

Now you can click on the broadband menu page to see internet data usage and details like broadband internet limit and bandwidth.

Airtel broadband subscribers can use the smartbyte deals option to find their current data limit. The Airtel broadband connection also tells about the days left, and the speed at which you are running Airtel internet.

The smartbytes application is perfect for anyone who would like to know Airtel internet broadband bandwidth and has no idea how the selection works.

For those who want to know: Airtel Broadband Internet Data kaisay check kartay hain?

Check Airtel Broadband Internet Balance with SMS

Check 2G Data Balance *123*10# or *123*21#
Check 3G Data Balance *123*197# or *129*08# (New Code)
Check 4G Data Balance *123*19# or *123*191#


The following SMS messages will help find the data balance of Airtel broadband internet. The SMS can work anywhere and you don’t even have to visit the website to check your balance. But you may be charged a small amount for checking the Airtel broadband internet balance.

That’s how you Check Airtel Broadband Internet usage in postpaid and prepaid numbers. Check with these Airtel USSD numbers

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