How to Activate/Set Or Deactivate Vodafone Caller Tune

Want to replace your mobile caller tunes? This is your chance to replace that with ease because now you can replace that boring tring tring with actual song, qawali, naat, noha or music with Vodafone caller tune option.

Here is the vodafone callertune trick. It is pretty easy and you can do so through SMS, Dialing Mobile Number, or by Vodafone mobile app.

Note: Vodafone now allows you to choose a song from multiple ones available in the repository. Simply go to the Vodafone app and select a song or music that works best for you. You will know free vodafone caller tune activation tricks.

Charges for Caller Tune Vodafone Mobile

Hellotune Vodafone Caller tune is unfortunately not free and Vodafone charges some amount so that you can keep the Hellotune Vodafone caller tune on your mobile.

  • It will take you 15 rupees to keep a caller tune for 90 days.
  • Other charges include Rs 36 for a month of retaining it
  • The SMS charges for activation of the caller tune are Rs 5.

Activate/Set Caller Tune in Vodafone Mobile

Here is how to activate and set caller tune in Vodafone mobile. The caller tune works with all numbers and can be easily subscribed by:

  • Dial *567# to activate

Activate Caller Tune in Vodafone by Phone Call

You can also subscribe to the caller tune by dialing the mobile number. It is pretty easy and it usually takes 15 minutes for Vodafone to activate the caller tune on your mobile.

  • Dial 56789 to activate

Activate Caller Tune in Vodafone by USSD Code

Simply send an SMS to Vodafone USSD code using the caller tune facility. You will have to dial the follow USSD code to activate the Hellotune Vodafone Caller tune offer on mobile.

  • Dial *567# to activate

Deactivate/Unsubscribe Caller Tune in Vodafone Mobile

Not satisfied with the caller tune that you activated on your mobile? Don’t worry. Simply send a deactivation message to the number and it will be automatically deactivated on your number. This simple process defines vodafone callertune deactivation process.

  • Send SMS CAN CT to 144 to deactivate activated caller tune on your Vodafone number.

Please note: The Caller tune service will be activated/deactivated within 15 mins and a confirmation SMS will be sent on your Vodafone mobile number.

How to Change the Vodafone Caller tune

If you want to change the caller tune on your mobile, simply send SMS to the following number:

First start the vodafone callertune search for song.

  • Send CT <CT Code>to 56789 to set the Callertune

Here is an example of how it is done:

Set the Vodafone Tune as Caller tunes then send CT 130030 to 56789.

set vodafone caller tune

List of Vodafone Caller tune Available

The latest caller tunes are available on the Vodafone website. Simply head over to the website, check for the caller tune that you would like to add to your mobile, and download it.

You will have to note down the CT CODE. This CT CODE will be then sent to the Caller tune number, which is 56789 in this case.

Activate Vodafone Caller tune number from Website

You can also activate the caller tune on your mobile directly from the website. Simply go to Vodafone hello tune list website.

  • Find the song you want to set as caller tune on Vodafone number.
  • Now select set now option. It will open a new popup where you can add your information.
  • Enter & verify your mobile number to activate.

Activate Vodafone Caller Tune number with Mobile App

  • Download Vodafone Callertunes App and login.
  • You will have to verify the OTP and select the caller tune from the list.
  • It will take around 15 minutes for the caller tune to activate on your Vodafone mobile number.

That’s it! You have now setup caller tune on your Vodafone mobile. Get ready to let your friends and family member hear it and get stunned.

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