DU Safe Internet Daily Activation & Deactivation Code

Telecom Etisalat DU Safe Internet Daily Activation & Deactivation Code

Du allows their prepaid customers to protect their mobile balance. The DU safe internet service lets you set a daily limit on data usage. If you have an active bundle or don’t, you can enjoy the service and they guarantee that you won’t spend more than AED 2 per day. This way, you will never worry about running out of mobile credit on the Du network in UAE.

I’ll show you how to use the DU safe internet code to activate and deactivate the service in this post. We’ll also show you some relevant resources for DU safe internet package as well. So please continue reading…

Activate DU Safe Internet Daily

Dial *135*11# and press the call button to unlock the Du everyday Safe internet service. Then type 1 to confirm the AED 2 per day internet spending cap.

To activate the Du daily safe internet service dial code *135*11# and press the call button.

You will receive a confirmation SMS once the service has been successfully activated. As a result, you will have a total of 60 MB data with a 24-hour validity period to invest for just AED 2/day.

You will secure your mobile credit and data this way. You won’t spend more than AED 2/day, for sure. However, the service is only available to UAE prepaid Du customers.

Deactivate DU Safe Internet Daily

By dialing the code *134*11# and pressing the call button, you can easily deactivate the secure internet regular limit service. Then, to confirm the operation, type 0 and press the Send button. You will receive a confirmation SMS once the service has been successfully deactivated.

To deactivate safe internet daily limit service, dial the code *134*11#

You can also reactivate the service whenever you want. If you do not have an internet du kit enabled, we do not suggest deactivating the program. That the secure internet connection would help you save money on your cell phone bill.

So, if you don’t have enough balance and want to get a loan on Du, you can easily get a loan balance and unlock all of their packages, like safe internet. Furthermore, prepaid customers can choose from a variety of packages that provide more internet data and validity.

If the above codes don’t work, make sure to call the DU helpline and get your issue sorted as soon as possible. Otherwise, the DU service will keep deducting 2AED per day from your account balance. 


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