Lebara KSA To Pakistan Call Packages & Minutes

Lebara KSA, a Saudi Arabian company, offers low-cost call packages to Pakistan that include additional free minutes for users who would like to talk to their friends and families uninterrupted and at highly affordable rates.

As a result, with the Lebara KSA call packages, you will enjoy chatting with your loved ones in Pakistan. These call packages can be used on a regular, weekly, or monthly basis. You’ll get on-net local minutes with your Lebara to Pakistan packages.

Let’s discuss what are the call rates and packages. I will show you the rates, activation codes, validity, and how much International call rates are from lebara KSA to PK and what can you expect upon activation of your call package.

So, let’s get this party started…

On the Lebara network in Saudi Arabia, you can talk to Pakistan for one day for just SAR 5.

SAR 5 for whole day call package to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia with KSA Lebara telecom.

You’ll also get 1000 free minutes for local use when you sign up. You’ll also get 1000 free minutes for local use when you sign up.

Dial code *666*601# to activate the daily 35 minutes call package to Pakistan.

TL:DR: Lebara KSA to Pakistan Call Packages Table

Package Price Minutes to Pakistan Local Minutes Validity Activation code
Daily SAR 5 35 minutes 1000 1 Day *666*601#
Weekly SAR 25 200 minutes 1000 1 Week *666*602#
Monthly SAR 50 400 minutes 1000 1 Month *666*603#
Monthly SAR 75 500 minutes 1000 1 Month *666*675#


Weekly 200 Minutes Saudia Arabia to Pakistan

For SAR 25, you can get 200 free minutes to Pakistan as a weekly package. You’ll also get 1000 on-net local minutes.

Dial this code *666*602# to unlock the weekly 200-minute package for PK. Only prepaid Lebara users are eligible for the kit.

The call package will expire after the week and SAR 25 cost will be deducted.

Monthly 400 Minutes Saudi Arabia to Pakistan

For just SAR 50, you can get 400 minutes for Pakistan for a month (30 days). In addition, there are 1000 free minutes for local calls. Dial *666*603# and press the call button to unlock the monthly package of 400 minutes to Pakistan. Before activating the pack, make sure you have enough balance.

Monthly 500 Minutes Saudi Arabia to Pakistan

This is the perfect kit for you if you live in Saudi Arabia and talk to your loved ones in Pakistan too much. For only SAR 75 per month, you can get 500 minutes to Pakistan.

In addition, 1000 minutes are available for local use. Dial *666*675# and press the call button to launch the 500-minute monthly package to call Pakistan from Lebara KSA. Before you subscribe to the package, make sure you have enough money in your account.

Furthermore, the price includes VAT.


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