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Emirates Islamic – RTA Credit Card – Should You Get It?

Emirates Islamic – RTA Credit Card – Should You Get It?

Unveiling the Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card: Your Ultimate Guide to Convenient and Rewarding Transportation

The Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card takes center stage when it comes to Dubai and Metros. This powerful card combines the convenience of a credit card with the functionality of an integrated Nol chip, making it your go-to companion for all your RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) needs.

Let’s dive into the details and explore how this card can redefine your commuting experience.

What is Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card?

The Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card is a revolutionary card designed to simplify and enhance your transportation experience in Dubai. It seamlessly integrates a credit card with a built-in Nol chip, allowing you to effortlessly manage RTA payments, fuel expenses, and other daily spends.

How Can You Use Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card?

Using the Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card is as easy as a tap or a swipe. Whether you’re commuting on the RTA transit network, paying for parking, or fueling up your vehicle, this card has got you covered. The built-in Nol chip ensures quick and secure fare payments, making it a one-stop solution for your transportation and spending needs.

How Much Savings Can You Make with Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card?

Get ready to enjoy significant savings with the Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card. Earn a 10% cashback on RTA transport payments and fuel spends, making each journey more rewarding. Additionally, with cashback rewards of up to 2.25% on other domestic and international transactions, your everyday purchases become opportunities for savings.

How Can You Make More Savings with RTA Credit Card?

Maximizing your savings is a breeze with this card. Activate the Auto Top-Up facility for your Nol chip to ensure uninterrupted travel without worrying about topping up manually. The Auto Top-Up plans, starting from AED 50, make sure your Nol chip stays loaded, and you enjoy seamless transit experiences.

What is the Minimum Salary for Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card?

To be eligible for the Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card, UAE Nationals need a minimum salary of 5,000 AED, while expatriates should have a salary of 10,000 AED.

What Are the Benefits of Emirates Islamic Credit Card?

The Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card doesn’t just simplify your commute; it showers you with exclusive benefits. Enjoy up to 10% cashback on various spends, from RTA payments to international transactions. The perks extend beyond transportation, with complimentary movie tickets, discounts on Emaar Entertainment attractions, and emergency services like medical and legal assistance.

Main Benefits of RTA Credit Card:

  1. 10% Cashback on Fuel Expenses: Enjoy a 10% cashback on all your fuel expenses, providing you with savings every time you fill up your tank.
  2. RTA Transport Payments: Seamlessly handle all your RTA transport payments with ease, ensuring convenient and hassle-free commuting.
  3. Cashback on Every Spend: Earn cashback on all your expenditures, making every purchase more rewarding. The more you spend, the more you save.
  4. Embedded Nol Chip Card: Experience the convenience of an embedded Nol Chip on your credit card, simplifying access and payments across the RTA Transport network.

Other Benefits:

  1. Get up to 10% Cashback on Daily Expenses: Enjoy cashback not only on fuel and transport payments but also on your daily expenses. Save on groceries, dining, and more.
  2. Cashback Points can be Redeemed in Seconds: Hassle-free redemption of cashback points is at your fingertips. Use the Online Banking or Mobile Banking app to redeem points within seconds.
  3. RTA Benefit: Beyond transport payments, avail additional benefits specifically tailored for RTA transactions, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your commuting needs.
  4. Auto Top-up on Salik and Nol: Activate auto top-up for both Salik and Nol, ensuring that your accounts are always ready for use. No need to worry about manual top-ups or running low on balance.

Experience a credit card that goes beyond conventional benefits, providing you with savings and convenience at every turn of your daily routine.

How to Activate Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card?

Activating your Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card is a straightforward process. You can either apply for the Auto Top-Up facility during your card application or call the customer service helpline later. Choose your Auto Top-Up plan, and you’re all set for hassle-free Nol chip recharges.

What is Emirates RTA Credit Card Limit?

Your credit limit on the Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card depends on various factors. RTA allows a maximum stored value of AED 500 on the Nol Chip. However, these is no transaction limit. However, you cannot make transactions of more than 35,000 AED in a single day.

What is the Fees of Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card?

There is no annual fees on Emirates Islamic RTA Credit card. You will not be charged any amount if your balance in the bank is at least 5000 AED or your monthly salary is 12,000 AED or more.

What are transaction charges on Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card?

  1. Cash Advance Fee: 3.15% of the cash advance amount or a minimum of AED 103.95.
  2. Non-AED Transaction Fee:3.49% for transactions in currencies other than AED.
  3. Interest Rate: 3.49%

What is Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card Installment Plan?

The Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card offers a convenient installment plan to manage your expenses. Explore the options available and enjoy the flexibility of paying for significant purchases in easy, monthly installments.

Is Emirates Islamic RTA Credit Card Worth It?

The RTA Credit Card from Emirates Islamic is undeniably worth it for daily metro users in Dubai. With a remarkable 10% cashback on RTA transport payments, seamless integration of the Nol chip, and additional perks like fuel savings, it transforms the daily commute into a more economical and convenient experience. The single card functionality for credit transactions and metro rides streamlines the process, and the international travel rewards sweeten the deal. Plus, the absence of an annual fee makes it an even more attractive choice. From simplifying metro rides to unexpected cashback bonuses, this card significantly enhances the daily routine of someone navigating the bustling metro stations of Dubai.

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