Best Places to Visit in Umm Al Quwain

Here are some of the best places to visit in Umm Al Quwain.

Umm Al Quwain is considered one of seven emirates constituting the UAE. positioned in between Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman, alongside the west coast of UAE, the emirate is the smallest inside the UAE, with a land location of 750 to 800 rectangular kilometers. 

it is located alongside the crucial exchange path among Asia and India.Umm AL Quwain emerge as based in 1775 while Sheikh Majid Al Mualla based Umm Al Quwain as an unbiased emirate. Umm Al Quwain, translated “mother of Powers,” refers to the tradition of sailors between the tribes of the Emirate.

Weather in Umm Al Quwain

The weather in Umm Alkwain is pleasant from November to March, with an average daily maximum temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and a night minimum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. However, it is very hot from March to October, with daily maximum temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and high humidity.

What to do with Umm Al Quwain?

Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) is said to be the best place in the world for those who enjoy the waves and peace. Crushing inside the calm waters of the lagoon gives the best and maximum exciting sailing in Northern Emirates.

Water Skiing

More adventurous visitors can actually go through the clear calm waters and canoes to remote islands and explore mangrove swamps inhabited by multiple seabirds, insects and fish.

UAQ Marine Club/Equestrian Center

Not far from the fish market is a large, shaded beach overlooking the lagoon. Founded in 1979, the Equestrian Club has a team of over 40 horses and qualified riding instructors. 

UAQ Aero Club

It also features flights, hot air balloons, skydiving, skydiving (both single and tandem), and advertising opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.

UAQ Motorsports Club

A few meters from the UAQ Bridge, you will find Emirates Road or Outer Ring Road.

Watch Birds in Umm Al Quwain

From November to March, you can regularly see large cormorants and other seabirds flying a few meters above sea level. 

Dhow, Camel Racing, Fishing, Falconry Construction 

Dhows, fishing, camel racing and falconry are some of UAQ`s most popular sports. The dunes in this area, combined with the wooded valleys, provide challenging terrain for off-road deserters and are known as “dune bashers”.

Palma Bowling & Beach Resort

Palma bowling is more than bowling. There is a pool (snooker), video games, shisha bars, beach restaurants and more. The place gives an Egyptian feel and is easily accessible by taxi.

Attractions at Umm Al Quwain 

UAQ Museum 

The UAQ Museum is a renovated old fortress that guards the entrance to the old town. The museum has several relics found near the ruins. Another excavated site, Al Dur, was actually a coastal town dating back to nearly 200 BC. Until the 3rd century AD, the site also contains some interesting crafts from the UAQ Museum. 


Dreamland is the largest tourist attraction and largest water park in the United Arab Emirates. Dreamland is about an hour and a half drive from Dubai.


Located on the cape next to the new harbor. As part of the Ocean Research Center, it is open to visitors by prior arrangement. It is home to some of the fish and marine life found in the region, including snakes, corals, and rays. 

Happy Land

A kids’ paradise with compelling video games, inflatables, and all the other children’s entertainment. 

UAQ Islands

They are located east of the mainland peninsula, on a unique coastline of sandy islands, surrounded by dense mangrove forests separated by a series of streams. The coastal plain and the small islands of Alkalam, Arsou, Alharmala and Alturia are currently located. 

Other Amenities 

Restaurants Al Ramlah Cafetaria, KFC, Arabian Chicken Hut, Wadi Al Neel Seafood Restaurant, Baskin Robbins, Cardoba Restaurant, Sadaf Cafeteria, Al Foren Al Sakhen Pastries and Pies are good choices.

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