PUBG Emulator: Unlock 60FPS and HDR Graphics

In this tutorial, you will learn how to unlock 60fps in PUBG game on your emulator without adding any additional hardware or spending a single dime.

Many people who are starting to play PUBG game for the first time have a single problem, and that is that the game works too slow. It lags a lot and they can’t play it properly.

Through searches we made online, we found that almost 14,000 searches are made every month about how users can play PUBG on 60FPS on their emulators

without a problem.

So, we decided to create this tutorial. The information about how to play PUBG at 60FPS is already available online. The only problem is that it is not well refined and people have to search at many places to find a working solution.

PUBG Emulator 60FPS Working Solution

So before we get started, you need to have the following in place.
  1. PUBG Emulator Tencent
  2. PUBG GFX Pack
  3. Easy Touch APK (optional)

First of all, you will install the PUBG Tencent game emulator on your desktop or laptop system. Once it is installed, try to run the game. Once the game is running properly on your desktop, download the PUBG GFX pack and install it on the system. The GFX pack for PUBG allows you to set its settings without changing any specifications on the computer.

Here is how to set the graphics pack for PUBG game .
  • Open app and change your game version settings
  • Set the resolution of the game
  • Set FPS in the game
  • Set shadows and buttons

Limitations of PUBG Tencent Emulator

One limitation that we found in Tencent emulator is that it doesn’t allow a specific number to set as FPS. Instead, it allows users to choose from four different options ranging from SMOOTH to ULTRA HD.

Will PUBG Emulator Crash at 60 FPS?

The PUBG Emulator may crash at 60FPS if the computer is running multiple processes and the emulator hangs. That is why, it is not recommended to play the PUBG game on emulator if the PC has old hardware or is less than 8GB of RAM.

How to Improve PUBG 60FPS Game Play?
You need a good graphic card to play PUBG on 60FPS on your computer system. That’s it. Many people often ask in forums that how can they play on their computers without getting a lag in PUBG? My answer is: Get a better graphic card and internet connection. You can’t reduce lag if your internet is slow. Try to go for at least 6MB internet connection. This way your FPS will automatically increase.
Now, to improve the speed of graphic card, simply get a better graphic card. Some graphic cards that I prefer are RTX 580 or GTX 1050.

Do You Need PUBG 60FPS Graphic Pack to Reduce Lag?

If you are trying to reduce the lag in your PUBG game, then that is possible even without the graphic pack. Simply get a better internet connection and speed up your system. The game will work fine. Unless you are someone who prefers to lock the settings of PUBG gameplay at 60FPS, then go for the download.
Was this method helpful in improve your PUBG Emulator game on PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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