How to See Calculator History on iPhone

Many people are having difficulty finding their calculation history on their iPhone.

Here is how to see that.

How to Check Your History on a Calculator on an iPhone?

Many users have answered the following solution to check the history of calculations on iPhone calculator.

Go to your iPhone calculator app and open it. Try to make a calculation like multiplying a number or adding a number. Just don’t hit enter to calculate. Instead on the screen after you have written the number, hold the number down until you see a dropdown menu with History written on it.

Click on History to see all your past calculations in your iPhone calculator.

The Problem with iOS Calculator is that it doesn’t keep a record of your past calculation history. To fix that problem you will need to download a better calculator that does that.

You can use any third-party calculator app for your iPhone from the Apple App store. ALl of these third party apps are completely free and you can use them instead of the default iPhone calculator. 

These apps will also allow you to store your calculation’s history and you can check that anytime you want.

Does the iPhone Calculator Keep Your History?

Yes, the iPhone calculator has a history feature. This feature allows you to view the last 20 calculations that you have made. To access the history feature, simply swipe left or right on the calculator.

The only way to see your previous calculations on iPhone calculator is to download a third party app like Calculator with History. This app will record your history in a log file and save it on your iPhone after you have closed it.

Your current calculator app on the iPhone only has a memory function that can store values or formulas for the current calculations only. As soon as you close the calculator, these formulas will disappear from the app’s storage.

iPhone Spotlight & Calculator Storage History

Both Spotlight and Calculator in iPhone don’t keep your calculation history in a log file that is why when you make any calculations, they are deleted after you close the app.

If you plan to make any important calculations from Spotlight or the calculator app on your iPhone make sure that you keep them as a record somewhere else.

Otherwise, you can use a calculator app with history for your iPhone to keep your calculations history safe.

Calculator History in Latest iPhone 

Even in the latest iPhone, the calculator app doesn’t have a history option available. 

You can only copy the number or the calculation result from your iPhone to any other app. However, you can’t check the history of your calculations on the default iPhone calculator app. For that, you will need to use a third-party calculator with history app from the Apple App Store.

Can you see calculator history on iPhone?

Yes, you can see calculator history on iPhone by opening the Calculator app and tapping on the clock icon in the bottom left corner. This will bring up a history of the calculations that have been performed.

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