How to Clear Keyboard History on iPad?

Mobile application How to Clear Keyboard History on iPad?

Learn how you can easily clear the iPad keyboard history in this article. The solution in this article applies to all versions of iPads. 

If your iPhone or iPad suggests misspelled words or replaces written phrases with its own, it’s time to delete your device’s Keyboard History.

The iPad’s keyboard can be a bothersome intruder, constantly correcting the words you type. This is due to a cluttered keyboard history that recognizes your typing habits and remembers the words you have used over time. Thus, you can correct new terms by typing. Therefore, it is prudent to wipe the iPad’s keyboard history. 

The default setting on the iPhone and iPad enables the keyboard to learn your typing pattern so that it can predict frequently used words and phrases. 

While this feature should facilitate speedier typing, 

When autocorrect is enabled, your iPad searches its dictionary for the most appropriate correction for each word you input. Therefore, when you push the space bar or begin typing the new word, the preceding one is fixed. You cannot change or correct the keyboard history, but you can clear it entirely. 

It frequently fails by recommending misspelled or improper terms and by substituting written words with inaccurate or undesirable alternatives.

The solution is to clear the Keyboard History on the iPhone and iPad. 

How to Erase the history of your iPad keyboard?

Here’s how to erase the history of your iPad’s keyboard: 

  • Launch the App Settings. 
  • Tap General. 
  • Select Transfer or Reset. 
  • Tap Reset. 
  • Tap Keyboard Dictionary Reset. 
  • Input your passcode if required to do so. 
  • Reset the Dictionary.

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The keyboard dictionary will learn and save new words after the reset. To prevent your iPhone from offering suggestions, you must disable predictive text and autocorrect. 

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Add pass code when asked on iPad to reset keyboard dictionary.

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How to Turn Off Automatic Correction on iPad

To permanently prevent your iPhone from correcting your spelling, disable keyboard auto-correction. This prevents your iPhone from making automated adjustments while still recommending terms. 

How to Disable Text Prediction on iPad

The other option is to deactivate predictive text. This will prevent your iPhone from learning and suggesting new words. Here are the steps to disable predictive text. 

  • Open Settings. 
  • Tap General. 
  • Tap Keyboard. 
  • To disable the predictive text feature, tap the Predictive Text toggle. 

How to replace the iPhone’s keyboard. 

Switching the iPhone’s keyboard is simple. Open the Settings app, navigate to General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Edit, and then drag the desired keyboard using the three lines. 

This is how to remove the iPhone keyboard history! When sending a text message or typing for safekeeping, the iPhone’s auto-correction might be irritating. It may replace words and, worse, alter the message’s meaning. 

How Do I View the Keyboard History on My iPhone? 

There is no way to view the history of your iPhone keyboard. The keyboard dictionary is capable of learning and storing words for future usage as predictive text or autocorrections. However, there is no way to view a list of these words or individually alter them. If you are receiving unwelcome suggestions or corrections, the only solution is to reset the keyboard dictionary.

Is it possible to remove specific words from the iPhone’s keyboard? 

Although you can delete unusual words from your keyboard by resetting it, the iPhone does not have a built-in feature that allows you to delete specific words from the keyboard. However, this is a feature that is available on some third-party keyboards.

How can I change iPhone’s Keyboard?

Tap the globe icon at the bottom of the screen after installing a new keyboard for your iPhone. This will allow you to switch between keyboards. If you have more than one keyboard installed, you will need to continue tapping the globe until you find the keyboard you want. You also have the option to switch the language used by the keyboard. 

What is the best way to move the keypad around on my iPhone? 

To move the iPhone keyboard in any direction, simply touch and hold the Keyboard icon for a few seconds, then hit the Undock button. Simply tapping the Dock will move the keyboard back to its default position. 

What steps do I need to take to enlarge the keypad on my iPhone? 

To begin, make sure the Zoom function is turned on for your iPhone. Then, to zoom in, double-tap the keyboard while simultaneously using three fingers.

We hope that you are now aware of how to easily erase the history of keyboard from your iPad device.

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