Where to Find Saved Audio Messages on iPhone iOS 15?

Your iPhone receives an essential or moving audio message. You later decide you want to listen to it again.

You open the Messages app, expecting to hear the audio message, but it has already disappeared. Apple has deleted your audio message!

The Answer:

I’ll discuss Where to Find Saved Audio Messages on iPhone IOS 15 in this post here.

Where do audio messages get saved in iOS 15?

Your stored audio files will be in the Voice Memos app if you have an iOS version before iOS 12.

On an iPhone with iOS 15 or any version of iOS above iOS 12 above, audio messages are saved in the Messages app.

Where to Find Saved Audio Messages in iOS 15?

To get them, go to:

  1. Go to ‘Messages.’
  2. Find the audio message that you wish to preserve.
  3. Long-press the button.
  4. Select ‘Save.’

Your audio messages are now viewable inside the Voice Memos app. Voice Memos audio messages are reasonably simple to relocate, preserve, and distribute.

Unfortunately, Apple has removed that feature in later versions of iOS.

How can I save audio messages from my iPhone?

Any audio message you’ve received on your iPhone may be saved using one of the following easy methods:

  1. In the Message app, go to the voice message.
  2. If you look closely at the audio, you’ll see the word ‘Keep’ written in blue just underneath it.
  3. To save the audio, tap the words.
  4. This will keep it visible for as long as you have that message thread open on your iPhone.
  5. You can access your audio messages across all of your Apple devices if your iPhone messages are synchronized using iCloud.

The drawback of choosing ‘Keep’ is that it is easy to forget to save the file, and you must remember to save each message to avoid it expiring.

Messages are set to expire two minutes after you listen to them. There’s no way to get them back after they’ve gone.

Instead of storing each message individually, go to the iPhone’s ‘Settings menu and eliminate the time restriction entirely.

Where do audios save on iPhone?

The audio messages saved on iPhone are typically stored in the Messages app, in the Audio Messages section.

Can you automatically save audio messages on iPhone?

Yes, you can automatically save audio messages on iPhone. To do so, open the Settings app and tap on Messages. Under the Audio Messages section, toggle the Save Unplayed Audio Messages switch to On.

How do I permanently save iPhone audio messages in iOS 15?

To permanently save iPhone audio messages, you will need to use a third-party app. There are a number of different apps that you can use, but we recommend using iExplorer.

Once you have installed iExplorer, open it and connect your iPhone to your computer. Once your iPhone is connected, select “Apps” from the left-hand menu. This will show you a list of all of the apps installed on your iPhone. Scroll down until you find the Messages app, then select it.

This will show you all of the messages stored in the Messages app. To save an audio message, select it and then click “Export.” This will save the audio message to your computer.

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