Warid Caller Tunes: Subscription Codes for Dial Tunes

Telecom Warid Warid Caller Tunes: Subscription Codes for Dial Tunes

In this article, we will discuss how you can add Warid Dial Tunes 2019 to your smartphone and mobile devices. Now, your friends and family members can easily hear your favorite tunes whenever they call you!

The best way to make your callers be patient whenever they call you is by adding a dial tune as the caller ring tone. This is in replacement to the conventional ringing tone. Because now with Warid Tunes your callers can listen to your chosen Warid Tune whenever they want.

This also means that they can choose their favorite music, naat, qawali, or any other music type they want. The caller tunes for Warid are perfect way to improve the ambience. Simply select a modern caller tune from the list of Warid content database and subscribe to the service.

Warid Caller Tunes/Dial Tunes – Subscription Codes 2019
Here is the simple method to subscribe to the Warid Caller tunes. The process works for all Warid based mobile devices and you don’t have to do a single thing. Simply subscribe to Warid by dialing a number from the mobile. As you can see the dial code for the service is 230.

You can also send sub to 230 and the price for the service is Rs 1.68 Per Day

Price: Rs 53.78 Per Month Postpaid

Subscription Code for Warid Caller Tunes
You can subscribe to Warid by send Sub to 230. Similarly, you can unsubscribe to the number by sending Unsub to 230. Charges of Rs 1.50 Per Day will apply to both.

Terms for Warid Caller Tunes/Dial Tunes in 2019
– You can entertain your callers with the Warid Caller Tunes service. The purpose behind the caller tune service is to let people stay connected with eachother.
– It is perfect way to help improve connections by removing the regular ‘TringTring’ with a tune of Customer’s choice.
– The Prepaid Customers shall be charged a service charge of 1.68 PKR for subscription the service.
– You will be charged partially or between 1.68 PKR and 0.25 PKR if you don’t have balance.
– With the Warid Caller Tune Subscription service, you will be charged for 2 days in case you didn’t pay on previous day to keep the service active
– The Post-paid Customer shall be charged service subscription of Rs.
53.78 inclusive of taxes per month
– With the Warid Caller Tune/Dial Tune Subscribed, you can select a caller tune from the vast library of Warid Caller Tunes Service against your sim card.

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