Why is iPad Camera so Bad? What Can You Do?

As per iPad users, the iPad camera differs significantly from the iPhone. The picture quality on even the most recent iPad models is generally inferior to other Android smartphones.

So, what can you do about the iPad picture quality if your camera is so bad? That’s what we are going to discuss in this article. Let’s read…

Why Are iPad Cameras So Bad?

The iPad camera seems to be of low quality when compared to the camera on an iPhone. While cameras are a crucial feature of the iPhone, they are indeed an afterthought on the iPad. The latest iPad only has an 8 MP resolution, and the camera lacks features.

The low camera quality of such a high-priced piece of technology can be aggravating. The reasons for the poor quality of iPad cameras are mentioned below, alongside suggestions to improve them.

Why iPad Cameras are of Low-Quality?

  • As new iPads have launched, their cameras have improved significantly.
  • Notwithstanding these advancements, iPad cameras continue to be inferior in terms of quality to iPhone cameras.
  • Users of iPads may be disappointed, and there have been multiple complaints about the poor quality of the iPad cameras over the years.
  • There are various theories for the poor quality of the iPad camera.
  • The iPad’s poor camera performance is perhaps the most obvious case.
  • The latest iPad’s back camera still has an 8-megapixel (megapixel) resolution.
  • This is substantially less than the resolution of the most recent iPhone cameras, which are at least 12 megapixels.
  • The front camera on the 4th generation iPad and up to the 8th generation iPad is only 1.2 MP. 
  • This MP represents the image’s intensity and clarity.
  • With a higher MP, the image will appear less pixelated.
  • These figures show why the typical iPad has poor photo quality.

Why is iPad Camera Quality Bad?

Most Reddit users have said that the iPad camera quality is bad because of the following reasons:

  1. iPads are not meant to point and shoot like a iPhone that’s why the quality is really bad. (Reddit)
  2. Although iPad processor is fast, it has nothing to do with the iPad camera lens which is already of lower quality. (Reddit User Zhannatje)
  3. iPad user probablyjimmylam on Reddit says that the photos are usually oversized on an iPad when they are captured. That’s why they come out as pixelated oversized photos. (Reddit user probablyjimmylam)
  4. People don’t usually use iPad as a primary camera. iPad is more likely a replacement of computer or a Mac that people can take with themselves. These cameras are only used for online meetings where pixelated pictures are considered fine.

Poor Zoom and Low Light Issues on iPad

Low-light conditions highlight the iPad’s flaws. The cameras on the iPad are relatively small and lack the low-light design features of more latest iPhone models. The camera on an iPhone is an entirely operational camera with a design inspired by DSLR cameras. They are depicted with low-light and telephoto capabilities.

A professional camera did not inspire the iPad camera design. The device includes basic zoom settings. In low-light situations, you are recommended to use flash to obtain a sharp image. The lighting dramatically influences the quality of your photograph.

iPad is Not Designed for Taking Photographs

iPads cannot take high-quality, decent photos when using low-light innovation. Another possible reason why the camera isn’t performing well is that you’re enlarging the images you take on your iPad.

The iPad was not designed for photography. Instead, people are designed to function similarly to a laptop. iPads allow you to watch films and shows, surf the web, and respond to emails. The camera appears to be an afterthought rather than a priority. The zoom feature on a typical iPad rises.

Clean Your iPad Lens for Better Photos

Prevent zooming in on individual objects when using the iPad camera. Instead, move in closer to your subject. Lenses that are scuffed and soiled. Your iPad’s quality may be low simply since your lenses must also be kept clean and retained. iPads are often stuffed into bags or used in various situations. It’s easy to overlook to manage and sanitize your iPad’s lens. When the lens is encased in dust or dirt, images are now more likely to be blurry. It is more difficult to concentrate your image if the lens is dirty and smudged. Focusing on the image is the best place to take clear, sharp photos. Have used a soft, wet cloth to wipe the lens of an iPad.

Don’t Scratch the Lens

Take precautions not to scratch your lens. Most electronics stores sell iPad lens guardians. An iPad commonly occurs tiny scratches that seem difficult to see without a magnifying glass and can degrade the quality of the photograph. Following user feedback, Apple is working to improve the camera in the most released recently iPad models. The cameras on the newer iPads are excellent. Consider which iPad production you are using if the performance of your iPad’s camera continuously depresses you.

All iPad Generations Have Same Camera

From the first to the 8th, all iPad generations have approximately the exact camera resolution. These models’ cameras are pretty basic, with an average front camera resolution of 1.2 MP. In its 9th generation, Apple markedly increased the iPad’s camera. Buying a new iPad is the most acceptable way to update the camera on an older one. The iPad Pro and iPad Air cameras are said to be better than those on the initial iPads.


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