How to Create a Prezi Presentation on iPad?

An option to conventional slide-making software is Prezi, an interactive multimedia tool. Prezi uses a single, large canvas in place of slides, allowing users to pan and zoom to different areas of the canvas to highlight particular ideas. During this one-year pilot program IS&T has a restricted number of licenses obtainable for faculty, instructors, and lecturers to use. Today you will learn they ways to create a Prezi presentation on iPad.

Advantages of Using Prezi

  • Works together with several collaboration tools currently in use at MIT, such as Slack, Webex, and Zoom.
  • You can modify your delivery in real-time to produce a more pertinent and interesting experience using Prezi’s “conversational presentation” format.

Prezi, the online presentation tool that employs a “zooming” canvas instead of slides, recently unveiled a new iPhone app in addition to a new iPad editor to support an increasingly dynamic workforce. Presentations can be started on a desktop computer at work, continued on an iPad, or created entirely from scratch, and then viewed and shared on an iPhone. The iPad app for Prezi was initially only supposed to allow users to view and modify existing presentations. Consumers of the iPad app can now create entirely new presentations from scratch thanks to the latest update.

How to Make Prezi Presentation on iPad?

  1. Use your iPad to connect the App Store.
  2. Tap here or look up “Prezi Viewer” to find it.
  3. To download the application, click Get, then Install.
  4. Log into your Prezi account using your email address, Google, or Facebook after opening the Prezi Viewer app
  5. Your Prezi dashboard will appear once you log in.

Can You Edit Prezi on iPad?

Presently, Chrome, Firefox 64 bit, Edge, and Safari can be used on a Windows or Mac computer to edit Prezi Present presentations. Our Prezi Viewer app is optimised to view, display, and try sharing presentations on Android and iOS devices when using a phone or laptop, but it does not directly support editing.

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