How to Find Ownership of Warid SIM Number?

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If you are a Warid SIM owner but don’t know if you actually own the SIM card, then you have to know know about it. But what is the way to find Ownership details of a Warid number?

A few things that might worry a Warid SIM owner are:

  • How to verify my Warid SIM card?
  • How to find the ownership details of Warid SIM card?
  • Find name of Warid SIM name owner

So, let’s discuss how to find the ownership of your Warid SIM card number, what things you need to worry about while buying a Warid number.

So, let’s get started and find ownership and details of Warid SIM Card.

Find Warid Sim Card Ownership & Details

Warid has provided a simple way to find the ownership of its SIM card – this means you will be able to easily find out who your Warid SIM card owner is.

Here is the number you can use for Warid SIM card.

First of all check what your number is by dialing the Warid SIM USSD code:

Send MNP SMS to 667 from your smartphone number and it will tell you how many numbers are registered on your mobile number.

But if you want to know who actually owns your number, then you will have to visit the nearest Warid customer support center.

This will tell you what your Warid number is.

How to Find Who Owns Warid SIM Card

To find the ownership of Warid SIM card, you will have to send MNP to 667 from your mobile number. The charges for dialing it are 3 PKR.

Find Warid SIM Owner By CNIC

You can also find the Warid mobile SIM ownership through CNIC by dialing the following number:

SMS your CNIC number (13 digits, with no spaces of dashes) to 668 from your mobile.

The number will tell you how many SIM cards are registered on your number.

Why Find Warid SIM Ownership Details?

Let’s say you want to market your Warid mobile number. If you market it and then later you find out that you are not the owner of Warid SIM, then what will you do?

So, avoid this hassle and become the owner of your Warid SIM card.


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