5 Proven Ways to Rank Higher on Google Play Store

5 Proven Ways to Rank Higher on Google Play Store

Want to ranking higher on Google Play Store listings? Here is how to do it in a better way.

You should note that competition is everything. If one keyword has too much competition then don’t target that keyword. Instead, focus on keywords where there are more chances of getting ranked hire. The more you rank hire on those keywords, the more you have chances of ranking higher on competitive keywords in the upcoming months.

Nonetheless, for starters, who are new to google play store, here is how to rank higher for your first app.

  • Update your app description more often

First of all write a long description. Your description should be at least 3000 characters because google allow at least 4000 characters descriptions. In the description, target everything that the user wants to know. Think of the app description as a how-to guide that will help the user know more about the app. But, the catch here is that you won’t only be writing for the user but for the google bot as well. So, target both of them.

  • Use keywords sparingly

You should use keywords but don’t just spread them throughout the app. Use them when they are needed. Now, google doesn’t really focus on keywords. Using your keyword one time in the top of the app is fine because that’s how google goes with it. You can use it once or twice later in the app as that will help it rank higher, but using it more times won’t do you any good. So, use your keywords sparingly to ranking hire on Google play store.

For an app description of 600 words, you should use your keywords at least 3-4 times.

  • Make use of LSI keywords

Google now focuses on latent semantic indexing or LSI keywords. These keywords are basically similar to what user will search and then Google shows them the relevant results. In simple term, you can call these synonym-keywords. The best example is of keywords available at the end of google searches.

Or, when you leave the search bar of google half-filled you will get choices of keywords that you can search, these are LSi keywords. Search them through google and then note them down. Now, use these in your app description to rank hire on Google play store.

  • Write long content

This one is needed for both, blogs as well as app descriptions. Whether you want to rank your website hire on google or want to rank hire for keywords on google play store, you will need to write long-form quality content that can help it rank hire. If your content isn’t long-form, you won’t rank hire. So, hire a writer if you can’t write it yourself. But do write more content. Explain everything to the user so that they know what type of app they are downloading. Google now focuses on having features and functionality in the app description. Some of my apps have been rejected by google just because they weren’t having either of these columns – more on this later.

  • Monitor it weekly

Finally, you need to alter, try, and test which keywords are working more for your app descriptions. The best way to go about it is to monitor athe progress weekly. Note down the numbers in an excel sheet and see every week if they are making progress. You will also be able to know about it by the number of downloads of your apps.

If the apps are not making progress then there is no need to work on those keywords. Instead, remove those keywords and focus on some other keywords that are similar. Again, use the LSI keywords here to search for other keywords. You can also use google trends to find keywords for apps – more on this later.

Final word:

Focus on all the above provided tips to rank hire on google play store for your apps. These are some grueling tips but they will surely help your google play store account get more eyeballs.

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