List of Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Dubai, UAE

Buy bitcoins cryptocurrency in Dubai

Many people often ask what are some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Dubai, UAE that they can use for buying and selling bitcoins. The problem is that anything you see online is not trusted.

People Lose Money in Bitcoins Because of Exchanges!!!

So, if you are planning to use any exchange that you search by typing ‘top cryptocurrency exchanges in Dubai’ and the searches you see, they are mostly fake. These people are actually getting paid for posting their fake reviews.

Listings about Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Dubai are Fake!

I have actually lost my own money in trusting these fake exchanges and therefore I would advise you not to use any of these because your hard earned money is yours to keep.

What you need to do is to only check the most trusted crypto exchanges in Dubai. And, how do you find these exchanges? When you test them yourself or read about them from those who actually use these exchanges for trading.

For example, I have used Binance OKx, KuCoin, CoinDesk myself and I actively use these exchanges for trading and p2p USDT purchase and sell. So I know that you can also use these cryptocurrency exchanges without any issue.

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Why You Should Trust My Advice on Top Crypto Exchanges/Platforms in Dubai?

It is because I have spent around $3000 in trading and I have also lost 30% of the money in testing different crypto exchanges. So anything I am sharing is from my experience and unlike others that you see online, I am not getting paid to write FAKE reviews!

With that said, here is a list of some of the best crypto exchanges that you can easily find in Dubai.

Top Crypto Platforms in Dubai, UAE – Complete List

  • Binance

Binance is one of the biggest and the most trusted crypto exchanges you can use in Dubai. It is simple to sign up. You just need to add your KYC details with your emirates ID or passport or whatever is available. Once that is done, you can start trading by purchasing USDT directly from the platform. So, if you are looking for a painless way to trade on cryptocurrency platforms in Dubai, then this is the best way available at this time.

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  • OKx

Second in my list is OKx. It is another cryptocurrency exchange that I have used and many in my friends circle use on a regular basis. It is easy to use and works similar to Binance. Obviously you will find fewer people on OKx because the xchange is comparatively new in comparison with Binance. But it is still a great one that offers seamless trading platform and a good support.

I would advise:

To start using the platform with smaller amounts of money just so that you can also check if it is trustworthy for you or not. Once that is done, you can scale to more or better options.

  • KuCoin

Another option for crypto trading in Dubai is to use KuCoin. The cryptocurrency exchange/platform is simple and offers a great user experience for users in Dubai or UAE. They can use the P2p trading system to buy USDTs directly in their KuCoin accounts and then trade with it to buy Bitcoin from the market. They can also send this cryptocurrency to their wallets or to another platform where they can either use it for purchasing more coins or for simply redeeming it back into their AED bank accounts.

  • CoinDesk

I have also used CoinDesk for purchasing bitcoins. So I can say that this is a safe and trustworthy crypto exchange platform not only in UAE but around the world. I bought my first bitcoin from CoinDesk as well. So it is also one of the most oldest crypto exchanges available in the world. CoinDesk operates in US and follows strict rules and regulations. Therefore, your money is not only safe but you also get support service that is not provided by other crypto exchanges.

  • BitOasis

Some of my friends use BitOasis and they have praised it for its easy signup process and good returns. If you are someone that wants to move from the above crypto exchange platforms in UAE to BitOasis then you can do so.

I would advise

However, for BitOasis I would suggest to use it with small portions of your USDTs. If you have around 5000 USDTs in any exchange or any wallet, only keep 500 USDT in BitOasis and test it with that much money. In a few days, you will understand by your trials about the pros and cons of this exchange and whether you should be investing more amount in it or not.

  • CoinMama

Another decent crypto exchange is Coinmama. If you’re contemplating a transition from your current crypto exchange platforms in the UAE to CoinMama, I recommend a cautious approach to ensure a smooth experience. CoinMama is known for its user-friendly interface and accessibility, but it’s always prudent to test the waters before committing substantial funds.

Here’s a suggestion:

Before transferring a significant amount of your USDT to CoinMama, initiate with a small portion as a trial. If, for example, you have 5000 USDT in another exchange or wallet, consider starting with just 500 USDT on CoinMama. This initial test will allow you to assess the platform’s strengths and weaknesses, helping you make informed decisions about whether to increase your investment.

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How to Sign up for Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Dubai or UAE?

  1. Choose Your Exchange:
    • Pick a cryptocurrency exchange that operates in Dubai or the UAE. Popular options include BitOasis, CoinMama, and Binance.
  2. Visit the Exchange Website:
    • Go to the official website of the chosen exchange using your web browser.
  3. Create an Account:
    • Look for the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button on the homepage.
    • Fill in the required information, which typically includes your email address, a secure password, and sometimes your mobile number.
  4. Verify Your Email:
    • After signing up, you’ll likely receive a verification email. Open your email inbox, find the verification message, and click the provided link to confirm your email.
  5. Complete KYC (Know Your Customer) Verification:
    • Most exchanges in the UAE require you to complete a KYC verification process. This involves providing identification documents such as a passport or Emirates ID, along with a selfie for identity verification.
  6. Set Up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):
    • Enhance the security of your account by enabling two-factor authentication. This usually involves linking your account to a mobile app (like Google Authenticator or Authy) that generates temporary codes.
  7. Deposit Funds:
    • Once your account is verified, you can deposit funds into your exchange account. Some exchanges support deposits in fiat currency (like AED), while others may require you to deposit cryptocurrencies.
  8. Start Trading:
    • Explore the trading features of the platform. You can buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies based on your preferences.

That’s all you should know about finding the best cryptocurrency platforms in Dubai and how to trade on them. I have shared everything from my own experience so that your money can stay safe and grow with you.

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