Etisalat Complaint Tracking Options – Toll Free Number Details

Etisalat has created a pretty good system that allows you to track complaints and requests easily. Unlike other departments, you will know when your complaint is being solved and what its current status is.

Etisalat Request Tracking

When you first submit a complaint on Etisalat, you can track the complaint through the tracking number Thesa problem is that many users in the UAE and Dubai area do not know about this amazing feature.

So, in this article we will discuss how to track Etisalat complaints easily. Etisalat offers a built-in functionality for this purpose. Simply, open the My Etisalat tab and you are done. The number will automatically track and escalate complaint system.

Etisalat Complaint Number

There are three ways to lodge a complaint with Etisalat. The first one is to email Etisalat: email [email protected] or [email protected].

Or, you can call 101 from the UAE or +971 4004141 from outside the country.

Etisalat complaint number toll free

There is no toll free number by Etisalat. You will be charged for calling the 101 customer support number as well. However, you can contact the Etisalat number with +971 4004141 if you are not sure how to contact them through your own smartphone.

Etisalat customer care online chat

The good news is that you can also directly chat with the Etisalat customer care through Etisalat online customer service chat link.

The chat functionality can be used by anyone who has a well-mentioned ratio in any semi-dangerous department.

The call is also recorded by Etisalat employees. The record an also be obtained by sending a formal request to the company. Etisalat support history is also maintained by the staff. But the history cannot be utilized.

How to change language in Etisalat 101?

Change the language in Etisalat is pretty easy. First of all you will have to dial *100#.

Now choose number 6 and choose the language of your choice. Now, Etisalat calls will be in that language that you have chosen. For Arabic you will have to choose 1, for English you will choose 2.

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