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Fanpekka, the enchanting theme park in Tampere, Finland, offers an immersive experience for children and families, bringing the beloved Moomin stories to life. If you’re planning a visit to Fanpekka, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the ticket prices to make the most of your adventure. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of Fanpekka ticket prices, providing valuable information about the different ticket options, discounts, and perks available. Join us as we explore the ticketing structure of Fanpekka, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to embark on a magical journey with your loved ones.

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Exploring Ticket Options 

Fanpekka offers various ticket options to cater to the diverse needs of visitors. Individual tickets are available for children and adults, allowing flexibility in planning your visit. Family packages are also offered, providing discounted rates for families with multiple members. 

These packages often include a combination of adult and child tickets, allowing the whole family to enjoy the park together.

For those planning group visits, Fanpekka offers special rates for larger parties. These group rates are perfect for school trips, birthday parties, or other organized outings. 

It’s advisable to contact the park in advance to inquire about group rates and any additional benefits or services that may be included.

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Pricing Breakdown 

To plan your visit to Fanpekka effectively, it’s important to understand the pricing structure. Ticket prices at Fanpekka typically vary based on age groups. Children under a certain age threshold often receive discounted rates, while adult tickets are priced separately. 

It’s worth noting that infants and toddlers may be eligible for free admission, depending on the park’s policies.

Additionally, ticket prices may differ based on peak and off-peak periods. During weekends, school holidays, and popular vacation periods, ticket prices might be slightly higher due to increased demand. Off-peak periods, on the other hand, may offer more affordable options. 

Planning your visit during these periods can be a great way to save on ticket costs while still enjoying all that Fanpekka has to offer.

Discounts and Special Offers

Fanpekka understands the importance of making the park accessible and affordable for all visitors. As such, they often provide various discounts and special offers. These discounts can range from seasonal promotions to partnership deals with local businesses or tourist organizations.

One common way to save on Fanpekka ticket prices is by taking advantage of online booking platforms. These platforms often offer discounted rates or exclusive packages for tickets purchased online in advance.

It’s recommended to check the official Fanpekka website or trusted third-party platforms to explore these options.

Membership programs or loyalty schemes can also provide significant savings for frequent visitors. These programs may offer discounted ticket prices, priority access to attractions, or additional perks such as exclusive events or discounts on merchandise and food within the park.

Furthermore, Fanpekka occasionally runs promotional campaigns or offers special rates for specific target groups, such as students, seniors, or residents of the local area.

It’s worthwhile to stay updated with the park’s official website, social media channels, or newsletter to stay informed about these discounts and special offers.

Ticket Inclusions and Extras

Fanpekka ticket prices not only grant access to the enchanting world of Moomin but also often include additional benefits or extras. These may vary depending on the ticket type or any ongoing promotions.

For instance, certain tickets might include a meal voucher or discounts on food and beverages within the park. Others may provide access to specific attractions or experiences that are exclusive to ticket holders. 

Such inclusions can enhance the overall value and enjoyment of your visit to Fanpekka, allowing you to make the most of your time and budget.

It’s advisable to check the details and inclusions of each ticket option before making your purchase. Familiarize yourself with the perks associated with different ticket categories to ensure that you choose the option that best aligns with your preferences and expectations.

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Making the Most of Your Visit 

To make your visit to Fanpekka truly memorable, it’s important to plan ahead and optimize your time within the park. Consider arriving early to maximize your day and take advantage of all the attractions and activities on offer. 

By planning a schedule that includes popular attractions, shows, and interactive experiences, you can ensure that you and your family have a magical adventure.

Don’t forget to allocate time for breaks and rest, especially if you’re visiting with young children. Fanpekka provides various dining options and picnic areas where you can relax and recharge before continuing your exploration of the park.

Additionally, make sure to familiarize yourself with the park’s policies and guidelines regarding outside food, stroller rentals, and any height or age restrictions for specific rides or attractions. This will help you plan accordingly and avoid any potential disappointments during your visit.


Understanding the ticket prices and options at Fanpekka is key to planning a memorable visit to this enchanting theme park. By exploring the various ticket categories, pricing breakdowns, discounts, and special offers, you can make informed decisions that suit your budget and preferences. 

Take advantage of any ticket inclusions or extras, and plan your day wisely to maximize your time within the park. 

Get ready to embark on a magical adventure at Fanpekka, immersing yourself in the captivating world of Moomin with your loved ones.

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