Top Seven AI Tools You Must Know About

Artificial intelligence is making advancements in almost every aspect of our lives. It is replacing humans in many jobs, particularly those that are repetitive to some extent, by bringing automation, accuracy, and ease. And while some people worry about AI taking over the world, if you know how to use AI tools in your work and how to improve yourself with them, there is no way you’d be replaced and you could even increase your productivity. With that said, here are some of the AI tools we believe you should be aware of: 

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List of Top AI Tools You Should Know About

  • Compose AI 

Writing is an important part of our lives, whether we’re writing emails to clients or reports for our boss. However, not everyone is a skilled writer; people working in technical fields may not be the best writers, but they have good ideas that they would like to put into words. This is where AI tools like Compose AI come in handy.  

Compose AI is a Chrome extension that uses AI-powered auto-completion and text generation to cut your writing time by 40%. Simply ask AI to write whatever you want it to write for you, and it will offer you suitable suggestions using its auto-completion tool. It can also rewrite your own writing to make it more grammatically correct and professional.  

  • Voila AI 

You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT and have used it. If you are convinced of its importance in increasing your productivity, then download this GPT-powered browser extension. Voila AI is a fantastic tool that can assist you in creating engaging content for any platform, whether it’s a website or social media. It also facilitates research by allowing you to ask it any question and receive prompt responses. Moreover, Voila can make email writing easier than ever before as it is compatible with every website, including messages and emails.  

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  • Autodraw 

Images are an essential component of any website or social media post. However, downloading copyright-free images for free is not always easy. This is where Autodraw AI enters the picture. The tool allows users to doodle whatever they want and provides drawing suggestions automatically. It combines machine learning with drawings by talented artists to enable anyone to quickly create anything visual. 

  • Lavendar 

Email marketing is an important component of sales as it allows you to create engaging and personalized emails that reach your target audience more effectively. A persuasive email can increase sales, improve customer engagement, raise brand awareness, and attract new customers. So, if you work in sales or own a small business, incorporating Lavendar AI into your workflow will increase your productivity and allow you to write more appealing emails in less time.  

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This tool bills itself as a sales coach, which it is in some ways because it assists you in writing emails that have the potential to initiate, proceed, and close a sale.  

  • Notion AI 

Notion AI is yet another writing assistant that can assist you in improving your writing skills. Whether your job requires you to create documents, write reports, create presentations, or take notes, you can use this tool to make your work easier and more presentable. Furthermore, it is simple to integrate into your current work mode. You don’t have to switch between tools or anything. Simply give it a prompt, highlight the text you want to summarize or ask the tool to point out any errors in your writing, and Notion AI will simplify everything. 

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  • Buddy GPT 

AI assistance must be convenient, right? And what could be more convenient than chatting with an AI bot in your existing apps like Whatsapp and Telegram rather than opening a browser or downloading separate apps? And BuddyGPT is designed to do just that. Simply go to BuddyGpt.AI and test it out on your favorite messaging app for free. Ask questions about almost anything, whether it’s a recipe you want to learn or a study problem you want to solve; you’ve got it all covered with ease.  

  • 10WEB 

Given that the majority of consumers today look online for recommendations when making purchases, website development is a crucial component of any business today. And thanks to AI, the days when designing and developing websites took days or even months are long gone. With 10WEB AI, for example, you can use AI to build or recreate any website in minutes. Simply answer a few questions about the business you run and let AI create content and images for your website, making your job easier. You have the option of customizing your work so that it is unique to you while still being 10 times faster.  


Artificial intelligence has made our lives more convenient, smart, and efficient. With tools like those mentioned above, you can increase your productivity and get more done in less time and with greater accuracy. So take advantage of these tools today and improve your life. 

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