Quranic Park Dubai: Location, Timings, Ticket Price

The Quranic Park is a gorgeous and cultural site in Dubai that provides a look into Islam’s wonders. The place is freely accessible and has lush green scenery as well as gorgeous lakes. Just go sightseeing and learn everything that the Quranic Park Dubai has to offer.

What’s Inside The Quranic Park Dubai?

The Quranic Park is among Dubai’s nicest attractions. It is a 64-hectare lush park influenced by the specifics mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Quranic Park is divided into four sections: the Cave of Miracles, the Greenhouse, the Lake, and the Orchards.

Entry fees for all of these locations is different and need to be paid on entry.

Take a better look at each of these aspects below.

Cave Of Miracles

One of the main attractions in the Quranic Park is the Cave of Miracles. This magnificent man-made cave contains interactive exhibits depicting seven of the marvels contained in the Holy Quran. At the park, you may observe exhibits depicting the marvels of Prophet Uzair (PBUH), Prophet Musa/Moses (PBUH), and others.

As guests make their way into the cave, they will see video snippets. After each clip, a guide will send you in the appropriate route. It’s a fantastic opportunity for Arabic-speaking Dubai residents to learn more about Islam.

Price: AED 5

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse, located near the park’s back entrance, is a must-see for botany fans. The Greenhouse, also known as The Glass House, has 29 plants and trees described in the Holy Quran.

Corn, olive trees, basil, barley, pomegranates, bananas, wheat, and other plants can be found. Keep an eye out for a signage at the Greenhouse’s entrance that identifies all of the trees and plants that may be found there.

Guests may learn about the numerous trees and flora while strolling this gorgeous and tranquil place thanks to informational signage. Stroll up the ramp to the observation deck for great views and the chance to capture some unforgettable shots.

Price: AED 5

The Lake

Visitors will also find a beautiful lake in the middle of the Greenhouse. Split into two, the lake symbolizes the miracle of the serpent that appeared when prophet Moses threw his staff at God’s command. The appearance of the snake was God’s way to assert the truth of his sovereignty and the prophet’s sincerity towards obstinate individuals. The lake epitomizes exactly that.

There is no fee to visit the Lake in the Quranic park Dubai.

The Orchards

Apart from lush green lawns and a lake, there are 12 Islamic gardens in Dubai Quranic Park. They are spread throughout the park and contain more than 12 different species of plants. You can find fig, olive, black seed, cucumber, lentil, ginger, palms, grapes, basil, citrus and pomegranate orchards. There are even kiosks with gold Arabic calligraphy that describe what these gardens contain and their benefits.

There is no fee to visit the Orchards in the Quranic park Dubai.

Key Facilities At The Quranic Park

Here is a list of facilities available at the park:

  • Cycling and walking tracks
  • An outdoor theatre
  • Solar trees
  • On-site Wi-Fi

Where is Quranic Park Located In Dubai?

The Quranic Park in Dubai is located in the Al Khawaneej neighborhood, next to Al Mushrif Park and Meraas’s Last Exit Al Khawaneej.

Take a look at the villas for rent in Mirdif if you want to live near this lovely and distinctive park. This family-friendly neighborhood is about 15 minutes from Quranic Park and is close to Mushrif Park and City Centre Mirdif.

What is the Quranic Park Ticket Price?

The Quranic Park is completely free to enter. However, there are costs to see the attractions available within the park. Each attraction has different charges and some of them are free.

Attraction Ticket Price in Quranic Park

The following are the Dubai Quran Park admission rates for the Cave of Miracles and the Glass House:

  1. AED 5 per person at the Glass House
  2. AED 5 per person for the Cave of Miracles

What is the Contact Number of Quranic Park Dubai?

Dubai Municipality is the caretaker of the Quranic park Dubai. You can directly call them on the number: +971-800-900.

What are Quranic Park Dubai Timings?

  • Weekdays (Saturday to Thursday): 09:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Weekends (Fridays): 03:00 pm to 09:00 pm


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