How to Fix Ghost Typing or False Touch on iPad

Mobile application How to Fix Ghost Typing or False Touch on iPad

Let’s learn how to fix ghost typing or false touches on your iPad.

The most peculiar issue you might have with an iPad is that it will start typing text or starting applications at random. Ghost typing or fake touch refers to this kind of action. However, take heart. Your iPad is likely not haunted, and the issue can probably be remedied with some basic troubleshooting.

Why Does Ghost Typing Occur on iPad?

The iPad may act strangely for a number of reasons. Malware might have infiltrated the gadget on very rare circumstances. However, the most typical reasons for this behavior are a cracked or filthy display or a device that has been bogged down with unnecessary data such as browser history or downloaded content. Find out what to do if your iPad stops operating properly and how to fix it.

How to Fix Ghost Typing and False Touch?

If you’re seeing ghost touches on your iPad, try one of the following methods.

  • Please try restarting your iPad. 

Rebooting the machine is often the first line of defense against technical issues. It’s possible that a simple restart of the device will put an end to ghost typing.

  • Clean the iPad’s display. 

Because the iPad’s screen is programmed to disregard touches it deems to be from anything other than a person, your nails will not be detected. However, it’s possible that the iPad’s touch sensors are being activated by anything shown on the screen. Carefully wipe off the display while the gadget is turned off.

  • Delete any malicious software that may be present. 

If your iPad suddenly starts typing on its own or engaging with an app without your intervention, you may worry that someone has stolen it. It’s not very common for an iPad to be taken over in this way, particularly if it hasn’t been jailbroken. When an app is published to the App Store, Apple scans it for malware. Malware sometimes gets through Apple’s checks, but it’s very unusual. However, it is still vital that iPad users be wary of spyware that attempts to fool them into disclosing sensitive information.

  • Reset the iPad

If you have already tried restarting and cleaning the iPad, but are still experiencing ghost touches, resetting it to factory settings may be your only option. As much as a few minutes may pass while the reset is in progress. As soon as it’s done, restore your iPad to its previous state using the backup you just made.

  • Remove Screen protector on iPad

Logically, it’s a long shot, but it’s not impossible. Unless the screen protector prevents the screen from sensing capacitive touch, it should be compatible with the iPad.

  • iOS Update Can Cause Ghost typing

After upgrading to iPadOS 13.4, a number of customers noticed a “ghost touch” issue. Most users reported success after doing a hard reset or restart on their device. A hardware issue may be to blame if it doesn’t fix the problem and further iPadOS upgrades continue to result in false touches. Get your iPad checked out at the nearest Apple Store.

  • Take iPad to Apple Care

If your iPad is still covered under its original warranty or if you have AppleCare, Apple will repair a broken screen at no additional cost.

Ghost Typing on iPad Not Fixed?

If you attempted the advice in this post, but your iPad is still experiencing problems, it may have a malfunctioning touch display or poor sensors. Visit the website for Apple’s customer care or call your local Apple Store to schedule an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar.

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