How to Disable Floating Keyboard on iPad

Let’s learn how to disable floating keyboard menu on iPad. The article offers multiple solutions to this iPad problem.

The iPad floating keyboard is useful whenever you want to have more of the screen or use slide-to-type. It is uncomfortable if the floating keyboard seems by accident, particularly if you don’t recognize how to return it to the bottom of the screen. With iPadOS, you could use the floating keyboard to create a smaller keyboard so you can start typing with one hand. After that, the keyboard is returned to its original size. Let’s take a closer look at how to disable the iPad’s floating keyboard.

Many people are most excited about the iPad’s floating keyboard.

This floating keyboard is a mini Phone QWERTY keyboard that takes up a small portion of the screen space of the basic iPad keyboard. It can also be placed from anywhere on the screen, making it much easier and seeing what’s behind it. iPhone users will recognize this mini-keyboard, which is ideal for typing with just one finger.

The floating keyboard feature is unobtainable because it is only obtainable in iPadOS 13 or later versions. iPadOS 13 includes 100s of classic changes or new functions that will make your head spin. So, if your iPad is consistent with iPadOS 13, don’t hesitate to update it.


Understanding how to turn on the small Apple floating keyboard when needed can be suitable for rapid typing and better screen viewing. If you’ve not already, inform your iPad software to the most recent iPad OS, and proceed with the steps below. If you love the iPad and can’t even decide between the new iPad Air and the iPad Pro, check out our article that did break down these barriers to help you determine.

  1. Launch a program that allows the iPad’s keyboard, such as Notes or Messages.
  2. With two fingers, squeeze the keypad inwards and make it smaller.
  3. Touch and hold the grey line to start moving the keyboard on your screen.

To use QuickPath with one hand, merely put your finger from letter to letter to cast the phrases you want to use.

Now that we know about the floating keyboard, how do you disable it from showing up on iPad?

How to disable the Floating Keyboard on the iPad

Numerous people favor having a floating keyboard so that they can keep moving around on their iPads. Small floating keyboards provide more display space than the locked one, full-size on-screen keyboards. If the smaller keyboard isn’t for you, there is a quick and easy way to get rid of it!

You’re not alone if you’re curious to know, “How do I get my keyboard back to normal?” Even if you inadvertently enabled the floating keyboard, this simple trick will restore your iPad’s full-size keyboard! To turn off the floating keyboard, do the following:

Steps to Fix the Floating Keyboard Problem in iPad

  • To revert to the regular keyboard, scoop up the bar at the bottom of the floating keyboard and drag it to the bottom center of your screen.
  • Simply press and hold the keyboard symbol in the lower right corner of your screen.

There will be a selection of options available to you. You may choose the Floating keyboard by keeping your finger on the screen and dragging it.

  • Another option is to conduct a reverse pinch gesture on the iPad floating keyboard’s center. Start with your fingers closing together and extending apart as staying in interact with the iPad screen.

Your keyboard has already been restored to its original condition. The floating keyboard on the iPad can now be enabled or disabled. Have a good time typing!

Bottom-line: How to Turn Off iPad Floating Keyboard

Apple’s prime objective with this function is to allow people to conduct tasks/type on a bigger screen without using two fingers. When the floating keyboard is enabled, the keyboard size is remarkably similar to the iPhone’s.

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