How to Log Out of Netflix on the iPad

Even though it could seem at first that it does not make a difference whose Netflix profile you use to login into the website on your iPad, there is a possibility that you will have some small hassles if you use the account of another person. 

It’s possible that their queue of instant videos doesn’t contain what you’re searching for, that their suggestions are catered to the preferences of someone who is entirely different, and that the movies they’ve recently viewed aren’t the kinds of stuff you’ve seen before. If you wish to be able to check out of one Netflix account on your iPad and then sign in with a second account, you may do so by following the instructions that are provided below.

Now you may want to logout of the Netflix account on your iPad device. Let’s see how that is possible.

Logging Out of Netflix Accounts on the iPad

If you have one Netflix account, you may use it on two separate devices at once to view the streaming service concurrently. It is important to know if you are sharing an account with other people or with members of your family since this number may really go up depending on the monthly subscription that you have, but it’s not required.

  1. First, open the Netflix program.
  2. Launch Netflix on your iPad.
  3. Go on over to Netflix’s primary menu. Your menu should appear somewhat like the one shown above.
  4. You should go to the Netflix app’s main menu.
  5. Go to the very bottom of this page. You will likely spend a few seconds scrolling.
  6. Hit the button labeled “Sign Out.”
  7. To log out, please scroll to the very bottom of the page and tap the corresponding button.
  8. You’ll confirm your decision to log out of Netflix on your iPad by touching the Yes button.
  9. You may confirm your decision to leave Netflix by touching the button labeled “Yes.”
  10. If manually updating your iPad 2’s applications is becoming a chore, you may set it to update itself at certain intervals.

That is it. Now you have signed out of Netflix. Log in again with your desired profile to find the movies and series that you would like to binge watch. Happy netflixing on iPad.

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