How to Connect a Disabled iPad to WiFi?

Let’s learn how to unlock a disabled iPad without iTunes or WIFI in this article. We have listed all the possible ways that you can use to connect a disabled iPad with a WiFi device.

Your iPad will be rendered inoperable if you repeatedly input the incorrect passcode on the iPad Lock Screen, according to a notice.

Connect Disabled iPad with Wifi Video

Do you know you can connect your disabled iPad with a wifi?

A disabled iPad can be connected to wifi in a few different ways.

To sync the gadget, connect it to the computer. iTunes for Apple has been launched. To fix this, you can either utilise recovery mode or get a passcode from a computer you synced with. Before the sync process is finished, create a backup of your device.

By force in Recovery mode:

Try to shut it down using iTunes after holding the Home and Power buttons down for five seconds. The option to “Connect to iTunes” should show up. To use your iPad, you must connect it to your computer. It should operate like new now that it has been restored.

Why Connect Disabled iPad with Wifi? To Regain Access

You will need to gain access to iTunes library. Here you can get access to Find My iPhone – a feature that will allow you to reset your iPad device or recover its data.

When you are connected to the Wifi + internet, you can easily do a system restore on your iPad or iPhone device. This will hopefully enable the iPad and make it functional again.

How Do I Connect My Disabled iPhone To WiFi?

Even if the password has been locked and deactivated, the iPhone will still be able to access the internet via cellular or wi-fi. Visit their website at Please use the same Apple ID that you used to access Find My iPhone on the iPhone to log into the website version of the app, enter your password, and remotely wipe your smartphone.

How to Connect an iPad to Wi-Fi When You Forget the Password

Most wireless routers enable wireless device connections by pressing a button and using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup connection feature. You must physically access the wireless access point or router you are using in order to log in from an iPad or other Wi-Fi compatible device without a password. When the device is at the prompt for the connection key, the WPS technology will validate the device when a small button on the router or access point is pressed.

How to Unlock Disabled iPad with iTunes

Connect iPad with iTunes to Unlock it

The first method is to connect the iPad to iTunes and reset it. 

  1. Open iTunes if you’re a Windows user. Open Finder if you’re a Mac user.
  2. Utilize the buttons to launch Recovery Mode on the iPad.. The method differs for iPads with Touch ID and the ones with Face ID. To boot the iPad here are the instructions:

The iPad has Face ID:

      • Press and hold power and volume down button until the power off slider appears and slide it to shut the phone down.
      • Hold down the power button while using a USB cable to connect the iPad to a computer, and continue holding the button down until the recovery screen appears.

When using an iPad with Touch ID or the Home Button:

  • Shut down the device normally.
  •  Hold the power button down while connecting the gadget to a computer.. Keep holding the button until you see the recovery-mode screen.

Locate the device on the computer.

    • To connect to iTunes, click the iPad icon in the interface’s upper left corner.
    • For Finder, go to the sidebar on the Finder UI and click on the iPad’s icon to select it.
    • From the options that appear, select Restore. The app will be downloaded and installed on the iPad.

NOTE: If the download process takes more than 15 minutes, the iPad will automatically exit the recovery mode. You’ll need to restart it in recovery mode.

How to Sign in to Wi-Fi for an iPad When the Password Is Forgotten

If you have also forgotten the password of your Wifi router, then follow the below process to connect the disabled iPad with wifi and internet.

Tap WPS Button on Wifi Device (Not available on all routers)

  1. Check for the physical equipment or ask the network administrator where the router or access point is situated to find it on the network.
  2. If it isn’t currently on, tap “Settings” and “Wi-Fi” before activating the Wi-Fi capability.
  3. To connect, tap the desired wifi signal’s name. If a closed network is the reason why a certain signal isn’t displayed, select “Other” and input the network name and security type. The iPad should remain at the password prompt.
  4. To enable communication between the iPad and the wireless router or access point without a password, press the WPS button on the device.. The iPad will connect and both the iPad and the router or access point will remember the setting.

Reset the Wifi Router (Works for Most Wifi Devices)

Similarly, you can also reset the WiFi device if you have forgotten the password. Resetting it will remove the password from the Wifi device and bring it to factory options.

Now you can connect to the Wifi device from your disabled iPad or iPhone.

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