How Long Does It Take To Complete God Of War?

how long to complete god of war

If you’re new to God of War, you might think about how long it takes to complete the game.

God of War is a single-player epic game with much to accomplish long after the credits roll. You may either finish the main tale or put your abilities to the test with additional combat challenges. Meanwhile, there are several trinkets to locate, new weapon runes to gather, and various types of armor to create.

How Long Does It Take To Conquer God of War? – The Primary Story

If you merely want to go through God of War’s core plot, you’re looking at around 21 hours of gameplay. That is, assuming you proceed through the tale at a normal pace, perhaps fulfilling a few additional quests along the way. If you really desire to get through the main tale as soon as possible, you can finish it in a little over 15 hours.

It’s absolutely worth exploring God of War at your own speed. The game isn’t extremely difficult, but it’s worthwhile venturing out to enhance your equipment. Once the main plot is over, you’re tossed back into the open world, which means there’s always the option to accomplish side tasks even after ending the game.

How Long Does It Take to Complete God of War? – Additional Quests

After you’ve finished the main tale of God of War, you may make the game as lengthy or as short as you like. There are several side tasks to do, all of which help to fill out the universe of God of War. If you’re ready for a challenge, why not seek out the eight Valkyries scattered around Midgard? They are a tremendous task, but they are worth killing for the benefits they provide.

Furthermore, two of the kingdoms are entirely optional to the main plot. Muspelheim allows users to participate in a series of combat challenges for large payouts. Niflheim is a roguelike location designed to test the player. If you want to explore these regions thoroughly, you’ll need about 32 hours of gaming time, not including the main plot.

How Long Does It Take To Overcome God of War? – Completing the Game

Your quest does not stop once you’ve accomplished all of the side stuff in God of War. Each world is littered with a multitude of collectible goods. You’ll most likely stumble across some of them on your journey through the main tale. If you want to go for the entire accomplishment run, you’ll need to find them all. If you go at a reasonable speed, this should take you roughly 50 hours.

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