Zong Social Package – Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter Details

Telecom Zong Zong Social Package – Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter Details

The problem with your internet package is that it takes a lot of money to charge. What if there was an internet package that never ran out?

The answer: Zong Social package. Zong is back with another amazing package that you can use to browse Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter social media websites for only Rs 10 per day.

Here is how the Zong social package works:

Get 100MB of Free Internet Data every day to browse Zong social package. The package is valid for 1 day and available for Rs 10 only. If you want to browse websites for free each day then the Zong social package is going to be the best choice for you.

Subscription of Zong Social Package

Zong is one telecom network that has remained the best. With this telecom network, you can get 4G internet speed for browsing the internet. Subscribing to the Zong social package is relatively easy. You just have to dial a code and the package will work for a day.

Validity: 1 Day Validity

Price: Rs 10

Activate the Zong Social Pack: Dial *6464#

Check Remaining Zong Internet MBs: Dial *102#

Price for Zong Social Package

Zong social package is available for Rs 10 per day only.

Terms and Conditions for Zong Social Package

  • This daily social pack will allow you to user Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter all day long. But note that the Zong’s Social Pack has a data limit of 100MBs
  • You cannot browse any other website with this package. If you click on an external link on the social media websites, you will be charged normal internet rates by Zong.
  • Zong’s Social pack comes with charges of Rs. 10 plus taxes (where applicable) per day.
  • You will be charged withholding tax of 14% applies on recharge
  • Data services are exempt in Punjab, Federal, AJK and Sindh up to 4 mbps. Data services are taxable in Sindh with speed greater than 4 mbps as well as in KPK and Baluchistan as per applicable rates.
  • Default rate of Rs.18/MB will be charged for regular internet use without subscribing to a Zong internet package.
  • The minimum charging pulse of default usage is 64 KB, which will be charged at Rs. 1.13

FAQs of Zong Social Package

Here are few questions that people often ask when they subscribe to the Zong social package. We have tried to answer all their queries below.

What is out-of-bundle rate?

It applies to all the internet usage apart from the websites offered in the package. If you subscribe Techcrunch, or even Pointraiser.com, you will be charged an out-of-bundle rate of Rs.1/MB till the validity of the bundle, instead of default rate of Rs.18/MB.

How many times a bundle can be Re-subscribed?

You can subscribe to the Zong Social package as many times as you want. The resubscribed package will have the new validity and the Mbs will be added. But conditions apply to it as well.

How will Auto-Renewal happen?

The package is on auto-renewal. If you don’t have balance for 4 consecutive days, the package will automatically expire.

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