Islamic Boarding Schools Dubai: All Details Explained

Islamic boarding schools in Dubai are becoming increasingly popular, providing parents and students with a high-quality education. Generally, Islamic boarding schools in Dubai offer both a secular and Islamic education, teaching their students Islamic values and teachings alongside their regular school curriculum. It’s their aim to encourage Muslim students to become more confident, compassionate, kind and strong individuals through Islamic teachings, as well as to provide an educational environment that promotes academic excellence.

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At Islamic boarding schools in Dubai, students are taught the basics of Islam, such as the Koran and Hadith. Students learn the importance of prayer, fasting and proper religious conduct. Islamic studies are incorporated into many subjects taught in the classroom, such as science lessons that feature stories from the lives of the Prophets and Islamic historical figures. Islamic boarding schools also offer inspiring hands-on learning tools, such as Islamic art and language courses.

The Islamic boarding schools in Dubai provide a nurturing environment, as well as a rich learning experience. The emphasis on Islamic values helps to foster true self-discovery and personal growth. Additionally, the school environment works to promote a sense of purpose and achievement. Therefore, the education provided fosters independence and curiosity, while preparing students for a lifetime of successful employment.

Does Dubai Have Islamic Boarding Schools?

Yes, Dubai has several Islamic boarding schools that are open to both local and international students. These schools offer a comprehensive learning environment that focuses on Islamic beliefs, values and practices. Many of these schools also provide the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, which is an internationally recognized academic credential.

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List of Best Islamic Boarding Schools in Dubai

  • Al Ameen Private School:

Al Ameen offers an Islamic curriculum in a safe, structured, and nurturing environment. The school is divided into two sections, a primary and a secondary school, with each having separate campuses. They offer an extensive range of Islamic studies, such as Qur’an and Islamic studies, as well as modern and international studies. Tuition fees range from $11,594 to $14,841 per academic year. 

  • Islamic Institute of Education (IIE):

The IIE is a world-renowned, full-time Islamic boarding school founded in 2008. The IIE offers an education centered around the Qur’an, Islamic studies and Islamic culture, for children aged 13-18. IIE has a strict curriculum, and all students must commit to a five-year period of study, to include traditional academic subjects, and a special emphasis on Islamic studies. The tuition fee range is from $9,179 to $11,055 per academic year.

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  • Dubai Modern Education School (DMES):

The full-time boarding student is provided with the highest level of education alongside rigorous Islamic studies, including Qur’an, Hadiths and Islamic culture. They offer both primary and secondary education, with special focus classes available to give extra instruction. The tuition fee range is from $13,450 to $17,450 per academic year.

  • The Islamic High School:

This is a private Islamic boarding school located in Dubai, offering a religious and cultural education and promotes the study of arts and sciences. The school is divided into two sections, the primary and the secondary school. The tuition fee range is from $10,040 to $13,003 per academic year.

These are some of the best Islamic boarding schools in Dubai for those looking for an Islamic education. They offer excellent curriculums, and provide a safe and secure world for their students.

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Other Top Islamic Boarding Schools in Dubai

  1. Al-Amin Islamic Institute: Al-Amin Islamic Institute provides quality education based on Islamic values in a safe and disciplined atmosphere.
  2. Dubai American Academy: This school prepares students for university-level education by teaching Islamic knowledge and a global perspective.
  3. Al Tahfiz Al Zahabiya: It is an all-girls institution that provides a holistic education based on Islamic principles.
  4. Al Qasimi Foundation Islamic School: Offering a balanced education system, this school focuses on Islamic teachings along with modern educational requirements.
  5. Al Huda Model School: Featuring a range of programs, this school ensures the development of the student intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

What are the Fees of Islamic Boarding Schools in Dubai?

Generally, the range of fees for Islamic boarding schools in Dubai can start from AED 8,000 up to AED 30,000 per year.

The fees of Islamic boarding schools in Dubai vary depending on the school, type of program, and location. Generally, the range of fees for Islamic boarding schools in Dubai can start from AED 8,000 up to AED 30,000 per year.

Depending on the type of program, the fee may include tuition, accommodation, meals, learning materials, and other services. Some Islamic boarding schools may also require a refundable security deposit to be paid at the beginning of the school year. Additionally, there may be additional fees for special programs, like language learning, or field trips related to religious studies. It is important to contact the school for a detailed list of fees for the program of your choice.

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