Dubai Investment Park Free Economic Zone

Dubai Investments Park – Free Investment Zone In Dubai

Real Estate Dubai Investments Park – Free Investment Zone In Dubai

In this blog you will learn everything there is to know about the Dubai Investments Park (DIP Dubai). It is one of the largest commercials, residential & industrial projects in the UAE. The Dubai Investments Park covers an area of 23 square km. Since it is available near the Dubai International Airport in Jebel Ali Free Zone, it is a key business center for the people living in nearby areas.

Consider the Dubai Investments Park as a city within the city. It is focused on providing a way for most environmentally friendly developments. Since Dubai is a booming community, the Dubai Investments Park offers its residents over 12,000 residential units. It can easily cover over 90,000 residents, in a 20 million square feet of office space. Since the park is near the Dubai free economic zone, it is also a lucrative investment opportunity for overseas investors.

The Investments Park also includes more than 25 showrooms, six schools, three hotels. Moreover, you will also get 20 residential buildings that will accommodate the staff in a one-of-a-kind complex setting. The purpose of the investment park Dubai is to recondition the way people live.

Consider the Dubai Investments Park as a futuristic condition of how people will be living in the next fifty years. The purpose is to provide a setting in the best part of the world and since Dubai is transitioning from tourism alone to industrialism, this is what it has to offer. Better living conditions for everyone and quality business conditions through free economic zones in the country.

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What is Dubai Investments Park DIP?

DIP is a premier business park near Dubai free economic zone that offers quality accommodation to the people living in the area. It is both a residential and a commercial zone. What you will be getting in Dubai Investments Park is given below:

  1. Security In Dubai Investment Park

Dubai Investments Park offers superb security for public in the area. After the Dubai Solar city, this is the next biggest project that people are eyeing for. Those who have not been to the Dubai solar city will have a chance to invest in the Dubai Investments Park.

The DIP includes complete 24/7 CCTV installed all over the complex. It has its own dedicated police force which is linked to the Jebel Ali General Station. In addition to this, it has private security hired specifically to guard the Dubai Investments Park through vehicles patrolling the entire area.

  1. Healthcare In Dubai Investment Park

State of the art healthcare facilities are available in the Dubai Investments Park. The healthcare benefits offered by it include two state-of-the-art hospitals with ambulances, patrolling vehicles and even its own emergency vehicles that can reach anywhere within the Dubai Investments Park within 5 minutes.

  1. Education In Dubai Investment Park

The purpose of investing in Dubai Investments Park is to offer quality education to the users. That’s why Dubai is considered a hub of development, proper education, and better upbringing of the family. Since Dubai Investments Park  offers six schools for better future of the children, five schools are already operational while the other is under construction.

Among them are some of the city’s most acclaimed names such as Greenfield Community School, British Colombia Canadian School, the International School of Choueifat, Dovecote Green Primary School, Al Nibras Private School, and Bright Riders School.

The best part about DIP investment centre is that the schools not only condition the children but inculcate the knowledge children should be having. These are offering excellent academic standards and quality learning environment with up-to-date educational infrastructure.

  1. Shopping In Dubai Investment Park

Dubai Investments Park boasts four shopping malls and five shopping centres. From haute couture handbags to the late-night grocery run, the range of stores available at these malls ensures you are never stuck for a retail fix. From the most exclusive luxury brands to the latest in hi-tech gadgets, the shops are equipped with everything that one may require.

  1. Fitness & Leisure In Dubai Investment Park

In the DIP complex Dubai, each residential complex offers a community centre with multiple exciting features giving you a superb choice in fitness. It includes clubs, swimming pools, spas, and sports facilities. The total area of 38,000 m2 is specifically allocated for the fitness and leisure activities in the Dubai Investment Park that offers sports facility located near phase 1 and 2 of the accommodations in DIP Dubai.

  1. Accommodation In Dubai Investment Park

DIP is the perfect location for hotel development. It has eight dedicated plots for hotel development and so far two of the world’s leading hotel brands – Marriott and Premier Inn – are already present. In the coming months, a broad selection of hotels by the best international brand will be existing in the complex for both business and holiday travelers.

All Images taken from Dubai Invesments Park website.


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