K-Electric bill Discount with Daraz App – Easy KESC Bill Payment

Tech K-Electric bill Discount with Daraz App – Easy KESC Bill Payment

Pay K-Electric (KESC) bill with Daraz Mobile app and save 5% of the total billed amount. Make sure to read the details.

There is good news for you all! Now you can pay your K-Electric Bill using Daraz mobile app and earn a free 5% discount on the bill.

Many people complain every day that their bill is around 5000 PKR to 10000 PKR. With Daraz Mobile app, you get an exclusive discount of 5% on payment.

K-Electric bill Discount Calculation

So, if your K-Electric bill was 10,000 PKR (we assume) and you pay it through Daraz. Then you will get a 500 PKR discount for just paying the bill. Isn’t that amazing? That 500 PKR can be used to buy stuff from Daraz that you always wanted.

In short, K-Electric has made it easier for anyone to pay their mobile bill with Daraz mobile app and avail 5% discount.

Note: The discount offer on Kelectric bill is available only for a limited time period, so make sure that you avail this offer as soon as you get your bill.

K-Electric Bill Check Online

If you are not sure what your K-electric bill is and you have still not received it yet, you can still pay it online with Daraz mobile app. Here is how the whole process works.

  1. You download K-electric bill from KE website. Go to Duplicate Bill tab and download the K-electric bill. You will need your account number, consumer number, phone number, and email address.
  2. Now download Daraz mobile app and enter your details to pay your K-Electric bill. You can pay your K-Electric bill through your debit or credit card. Some credit cards also have a discount offer. So, your discount can increase to 15%. Great deal, no?
  3. Now that you have done that, it is time to relax, and wait for the next K-electric bill. Perhaps treat yourself with the savings you just made with your K-Electric bill.

Daraz Dbill – Limited Time Offer

Make sure you avail this offer while it is available on the Daraz mobile app. If you are reading this and are unsure if the offer is still valid, just visit this Daraz Dbill link and see if the offer is valid.

We hope you make many more savings on your K-Electric (KESC) bill payments. Cheers.

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