How to Share Zain Internet Data With Other User

There is a good news for Zain Saudi Arabia customers. Now, Zain users can share internet data from one SIM card to the other through this facility.

In simple terms, Zain data allows users to share internet data bundle with other users who are considered as company employees. For this purpose, the company will have to register their employees with Zain telecom network. Each of the employees will get their own data plan.

Benefits Of Zain Internet Share

–   Smarter data usage

With Zain internet data sharing facility, employees can easily connect to the internet and enhance your business without problem.

–   Get innovative tools

You will get an inclusive portal to check how much internet is being consumed by your employees and use optimize it for better performance

–   Enhance Workload

Employees need internet for improving work. When you share zain internet facility with them they will be more than happy to enhance their workflow. And by sharing data, you’ll save time and money compared with individual accounts.

–   Control Internet data

Only let Authorized persons to check the data balance and adjust their consumption whenever the need arises

–   Be Flexible

The best way to go about with Zain internet sharing facility iss to tailor your plans to meet the working needs of every employee in your organization and to grow your business accordingly.

Zain Internet Share Plan Price

Here is a list of Zain internet sharing prices.

Package 12-month commitment Max # SIMs
per contract
200 GB 1,850 SAR 100
500 GB 4,000 SAR 250
1 TB 7,400 SAR 500
2 TB 13,400 SAR 1,000


Postpaid Add On Bundle:

Add-on Monthly fee
200 GB 2,100 SAR
500 GB 4,650 SAR
1 TB 8,250 SAR
2 TB 14,800 SAR


Transfer Balance from Zain to Zain

You can also share balance between two Zain mobile numbers. You will need to send an SMS to 702702 with the following content.

BT (space) number of the recipient (space)

Your balance will be deducted from the mobile number associated with credit card number.

In other words, this is the zain to zain balance transfer code: For example, BT 0591234567 50۔

How to receive a balance from Zain?

The recipient of the balance will receive an SMS from Zain to inform him that some amount of balance has been transferred to his zain number from another zain number. In order to complete the transaction, he or she will have to send an SMS to 702702 with the following zain balance transfer code;

ID (space)10-digit ID number

ID 2263321555

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