How to Apply For Multiple-Entry 5-Year Dubai Visa?

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The new 5 Year Dubai Visa is scheduled to be launched in the UAE. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has said that every nationality will now have access to this type of travel document, leading to permanent residency if visited frequently over a long period without leaving permanently on your first visit!

Khaleej Times has confirmed that heads of tourist agencies in the UAE are aware of an opportunity to obtain a multi-entry visa; 5 Year Dubai Visa can be extended for up to five years and will enable tourists multiple entries onto their visas. Applicants must pay Dh650 per application through ICA while holding passports valid at least six months past original expiration dates (for other nationalities).

The Multi-Entry Tourist Visa is available only if you’re visiting from outside Asia/ Africa; however, there’s no limit on how many times this special type of document would grant entry into your chosen country or region!

Process of Multiple-Entry 5-Year Dubai Visa

You can apply for your visa directly on the ICA website as an applicant. Their system will determine if there is a quota and whether or not they’ll issue one to agencies like yours; however, it’s ultimately up in the air since this decision rests with immigration authorities who award visas according to their discretion!

Interested visitors who want to apply for a UAE visa can now do so on ICA’s website. The site provides information about the 5 Year Dubai Visa and types of visas available, and how you should prepare beforehand.

Links allowing applicants streaming through immigration departments within Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Ajman Umm Al Quwain Ras al Khaimah Fujairah Al Ain or Western region – Al Dhafra which includes Dubai issuing multiple-entry visit visas authorized by GDRFA-Dubai Immigration Department.

The UAE has seen a 4-fold increase in the number of visas for tourism over this past year, with 2 thousand submitted per day on average. The need to enter Dubai’s Expo 2020 is at an all-time high; tourist visa applications quadrupled and now stand as one of their fastest-growing categories alongside business meetings or family visits.

Fees for Multi Entry Visa Dubai 5 Years

For Indians, how much does a 5-year tourist visa in the UAE cost? The cost of a 5-year multi-entry tourism visa in the United Arab Emirates is 650 AED (about 13,300 Indian rupees).
All forms of visit and tourist visas can be renewed for another 30 days once they have been applied for and approved by the proper authority. This can be accomplished without leaving the country.
Before the initial renewal expires, visitors and tourists can apply for a second renewal for AED 600 each time.
Overstayers who do not renew their visas will be fined AED 100 for each day they are overstaying, starting 10 days after the visa expires.

Methods To Apply For 5 Year Dubai, UAE Visa

The UAE cabinet has announced a trial program to provide remote work visas for employees from all over the world. This enables these individuals, if they so choose it or need an employer who does offer this option–to come into our country without having any issue getting stamped with visas upon arrival because there won’t be any more physical proof of residency required other than showing their form proving that point too!

Follow the Step by Step Process: Multiple-Entry 5-Year Dubai Visa

Step 1:

Upload your application information, including your name and service beneficiary details. Provide the address in Dubai or outside of UAE for delivery before applying.

Step 2: 

Upload a colored photo, passport copy, and bank statement for the last six months. When applying, applicants must have $4Kor equivalent in foreign currencies to their name.

Step 3: 

It looks like you’ve filled out quite a bit of information. To ensure we have all the necessary pieces for processing, please review what’s been submitted and let us know if anything needs to be corrected before submitting another application!

Step 4:

The application for this position is available and can be paid online through our secure payment gateway. The company’s employment website has a handy link on how you apply, as well as for instructions about paying the fees associated with it right there on their site!

Can You Extend Multi Entry 5 Year Visa?

Yes! You can easily extend the multi entry 5 year Visa for Dubai even when staying within the country. But you need to apply it before your visa expires. If you stay after your visa is expired, you will be penalized and maybe even deported. You can extend the UAE 5 year visa and enter several times during the calendar year or stay for 90 days and then extend your visa stay for another 90 days.


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