Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain: Price, Timings, Location

Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain: Price, Timings, Location

With the country’s futuristic developments firmly in the spotlight, the significance of the UAE as a destination with some significant historic landmarks is frequently ignored. Take, for example, the Al Jahili Fort. The significance of this fort cannot be emphasized. Residents of the fort, which was located in the Buraimi Oasis, experienced several armed incursions. So, what seems to be a magnificent tourist attraction today was once a military stronghold, and the wars waged here undoubtedly shaped our contemporary world.

All About Al Jahili Fort: Complete History

The Jahili Fort is one of the biggest forts in the United Arab Emirates. Given the abundance of such outstanding structures in the country, it is a remarkable architectural accomplishment. Fort Jahili was erected in the Buraimi Oasis in the 1890s. Buraimi and Al Ain are now located in this area.

However, this was the boundary between Oman and Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, the area was fertile, and Aflaj’s subsurface water canals aided with date palm cultivation. As a result, for conquerors, it was more than simply another rest stop on the way to future conquests; it was a resourceful land.

His Majesty Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan (Zayed the Great – 1855-1909) of Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with the rulers of Oman, took precautionary measures to protect the local populace. This connection began long before the fort’s construction and lasted for a long time afterward. Aside from foreign challenges, the visionary leader was also concerned about internal tribe feuds.

Sheikh Zayed was able to gain control of Buraimi in 1891 because to his military and political skills. The fort’s construction began the same year. While it was nominally the residence of members of the Al Nahyan royal family, there was a broader purpose. The fort was created to minimize the frequent clashes between nearby tribes. It was a calculated action that did assist to lessen the level of violence. Looking back, this was a big occurrence that had a considerable influence on the political situation in the region.

Al Jahili Fort Timings

The Al Jahili Fort timings are:

  • 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 

  • 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm on Fridays Only.

The Fort is closed on Mondays.

Al Jahili Fort Pricing

Al Jahili fort is free for the public and anyone can access it during the open timings.

Al Jahili Fort Location

The fort is located at Sultan Bin Zayed Al Awwal Street, Al Mutawaa, Al Ain.

Abu Dhabi to Al Jahili Fort Travel

The best method to travel to the fort is via car, which will take around an hour and forty minutes. Alternatively, the X90 bus connects Abu Dhabi with Al Ain. You may ride any bus from there because all Al Ain bus lines are within walking distance of the fort.

Al Jahili Fort Contact Number

Call: +971-3-711-8311.

You can call the number available to contact Al Jahili fort.

Find Hotels near Al Jahili Fort

Here are some of the best hotels that are available near Al Jahili Fort. You can book a room in any of these apartments and visit Al Jahili Fort the next day.

  • Al Ain Rotana Hotel
  • Ayla Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort, Al Ain
  • Aloft Al Ain
  • Ayla Grand Hotel

We hope that this article on Al Jahili fort has helped you learn about its location, pricing, history, and timings.

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