How to Know Someone Listened to Audio Message on iPhone?

Mobile How to Know Someone Listened to Audio Message on iPhone?

iMessage may appear to be a simple platform for exchanging text messages with other Apple customers who are connected to the internet. However, it is neither easy nor a platform for communicating solely through “text” communications. iMessage allows you to exchange photos, videos, Memojis, audio, and digital messages, as well as play multiplayer games with your contacts.

Many things you’ll learn only after you’ve had your iPhone for a long. So, now is the time to learn more about Can Someone See When You Listen To Audio Message On iPhone.

Only if they allow read receipts on their device then they will know whether you listened to it or not.

Do audio messages disappear if you don’t listen to them?

Apple appears to regard voice messages as a private matter and treats them as such. Any voice communications you send or receive will be deleted automatically by default. Unless you change their natural path, all audio messages have a two-minute lifespan once you first listen to them. 

Can Someone See When You Listen To Audio Message On iPhone?

If the recipient’s phone’s ‘expiry’ option is set to ‘after 2 minutes,’ any audio message received will have a ‘keep’ link beneath it. If the user clicks on this link, the voice message will be saved in the conversation and the sender will see a ‘kept’ notification, indicating that the recipient has opted to keep the audio message. It’s worth noting that even if the ‘expire’ option is set to ‘never,’ the sender will receive the ‘kept’ notification.

How do you know if someone kept your audio message?

A voice message can be kept by the recipient, which prevents it from being deleted after two minutes. The voice message is then saved as a text message in the iMessage conversation history.

In other words, if you send someone a voice message and they opted to keep it, you’ll notice a “Kept” sign beneath the voice message to let you know it didn’t expire.

To elaborate, there are two possibilities: either the recipient specifically opted that your voice message be saved, or they have set their phone to save all audio iMessages.

How to Keep a Voice Message in iPhone?

To open Message settings, go to your iPhone’s settings, scroll down, then tap on ‘Messages.’

The message settings window will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you locate the ‘Audio Messages’ area. There’s an option for ‘Expire’ there. It’s set to ‘After 2 Minutes’ by default.

Any voice messages you send and receive will now have a ‘Keep’ option underneath them if this is the case. If you don’t select that option, the message will expire in two minutes and will be lost forever. If you choose to keep the message, it will remain in your iMessage conversation history until you delete the message or the conversation. This applies to all audio messages, regardless of whether you sent or received them.

Return to the Settings and select the ‘Expire’ option. To open it, simply press the button. ‘Never’ is another option in addition to ‘After 2 Minutes.’ Select it with a tap.

Any voice messages you send or receive will remain in your iMessage conversation history indefinitely if audio messages are set to never expire (or, unless you delete the chat).

Note that the messages on your end are only affected by the setup of this parameter. If you set your messages to expire after 2 minutes, this does not indicate that the audio messages you send will also expire after 2 minutes on the recipient’s device. They’ll only expire from your end.

What Does “Kept” Mean On iMessage Under A Voice Note?

Let’s return to the mystery of “Kept” now that you have a better understanding of the entire setting. Is there a way to tell if the other person pressed the keep button on your voice message on purpose, or if it was their normal setting? Not at all. Whatever the case may be on their end, if the message does not expire for any reason, you will simply receive a “Kept” notification.

You can, however, deduce the scenario further. If only parts of your voice messages in a discussion have the “Kept” mark, then the individual is saving them manually. If that appears in all of your messages, though, the individual is either saving all of your voice messages obsessively or has the expire option set to that. Obviously, the latter is far more plausible, but you can never be certain.

Expiry Date on iPhone Messages

Even if the recipient chooses to save your audio message, it will expire on your end unless you opt to keep it as well. The little “Kept” sign will convert into a label once the message has vanished from your end, indicating that they have kept an audio message from you.

The auto-expiry feature for voice messages can be rather useful. They can eat up a lot of space if you use them frequently, and auto-expire prevents you from running out. For that reason, most people let audio communications expire. So, if you’ve never seen the “Kept” indicator before, even after years of use, it’s understandable to be curious.

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