Is Minecraft Banned In UAE? Can You Open It?

Minecraft is a joyful journey through randomly generated worlds that is the essence of fun for all ages. It is easily among the most famous games ever developed.

At least, that’s the general agreement – unless you live in the United Arab Emirates, where the game has been banned due to its representation of “violence.”

You read that right. Minecraft may be too controversial for some in the UAE, and its popularity among youngsters has drawn special attention to it as a possible source of dubious content.

Everyone who has enjoyed Mojang’s 2011 masterwork would agree that this judgment is intriguing and touchy.

But what precisely has enraged UAE officials to the point that the game has been banned?

Minecraft’s Delight

The UAE authorities, in particular, looked into reports of “isolation” and “violence” in Minecraft. We have no idea what isolation entails, but it might have anything to do with encouraging antisocial conduct. Anyone who has played Minecraft knows that the game has a significant collaboration component. Minecraft, like any other platform, could also be used for bullying or other actions.

Minecraft has responded to the uproar by emphasizing the game’s creative mode and absence of violence beyond the survivor mode.

“Minecraft is cherished by many gamers in a broad range of ways,” the business stated in a news statement. Many people love the freedom to experiment provided by Minecraft and its resources. In contrast, others are more interested in the possibility of traveling a world without borders and going on adventurous activities with others. We urge players to work together to achieve success, whether they are creating, exploring, or adventuring. Minecraft’s environment may be deadly since it is populated by terrifying, genderless monsters who emerge at night. To survive, you may need to defend against them.

If this amount of imaginary conflict bothers someone, we recommend that they play in Creative Mode or select the Peaceful setting. Both of these approaches will keep monsters out of the world.”

Is Minecraft too Violent?

The Ministry of Family and Social Policy disagreed with Mojang’s game evaluation and barred it from the UAE market.

With 60 million copies sold globally, UAE gamers are most likely a relatively minor portion of what is a global community. They may become an even smaller component in the future, as pirated software is currently their sole choice for playing the game.

Mojang has promoted Minecraft as a platform for several forms of games, including social components and loads of co-op. This needs registering as a user and logging in as that user. Because of the prohibition, many users in the UAE will be unable to play the most recent editions of Minecraft for PC due to the requirement to log in. This explains why some earlier builds are available in the open.

Is Minecraft Banned In UAE?

It was released internationally in June 2012, for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The Line was outlawed in the United Arab Emirates because of its position in Dubai, which has since been dismantled. Players can mask their activity in the game by hiding behind the shelter, vaulting over barriers, or murdering foes using numerous tools.

So, yes Minecraft is still banned in UAE and Dubai. You can play it with a VPN though. 

In fact, UAE has also banned Roblox and many other similar games made for the US audience because of their violence or obscene features.

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