Does your location turn off when your iPhone dies

No, your phone would stop sharing its location if it’s turned off. However, it would show the last known location when it is still turned on. However, when you turn your phone back on, it should start sharing your site right away.

Location Services Turn Off on iPhone when it Dies

If you are an iPhone user and it dies, Location Services would not be willing to report your location unless the phone can access the Internet unless location services are turned off. If the battery dies, the iPhone’s functions are indeed halted, and it cannot connect with the Internet in reporting its location. One thing to remember is that once the iPhone is charged and turned on, you do not need to toggle the assistance (including the Find My app) back on. As soon as the iPhone is turned on, this happens automatically.

Find my iPhone, a free Apple system that lets users monitor the location of misdirected, ended up losing, or accused of stealing iPhones, iPads, and even Macs, is undoubtedly one of the essential iCloud characteristics. Although, one of Find My iPhone’s significant drawbacks is that it necessitates the device to be turned on and linked to an Internet-enabled network, such as Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection. Users who had misplaced their iPhones were out of luck once the battery died.

What if I need to locate my iPhone while it is turned off?

With iOS 8, Apple introduced a new feature called “Send Last Location” to overcome this concern. With Send Last Location enabled, an iDevice will ping Apple’s servers with its present location the day before the battery dies, giving the device’s owner one last chance of recovering the device. However, because Send Last Location isn’t enabled by default, you’ll go into your iPhone’s settings to make this additional layer of monitoring work for you.

To enable Send Last Location, make sure you’re running iOS 8 and head to

  • Settings >
  • iCloud >
  • Find My iPhone.

Rather than the usual on/off toggle, the new Send Last Location option will be mentioned at the bottom of the screen. Toggle the toggle to the on (green) position to enable it.

Send My Last Location to Find My iPhone

When your iPhone’s battery may be about to run out, this will send one last new update to iCloud as long as it is connected to the Internet. This won’t automatically help you recover your iPhone if it sits in the trunk of a speeding vehicle. Still, it can be immensely beneficial if it’s misplaced in a nearby diner, at a mate’s place, or even in your residence.            

When an iOS device mysteriously disappears, the Find My app (Find My iPhone before iOS 13) sometimes can assist in locating and recovering it. The battery on the lost iPhone has enough juice to allow iCloud to pinpoint the location in real-time.

Lost device and location on iPhone

The lost device is turned off or has a dead battery in some instances. Is Find My still functional? While live tracking will not work, find I may still be willing to aid you to locate your lost phone by displaying its last known position.

The lost device is turned off or has a flat battery in some cases. Is Find My still functional? Although live monitoring is not possible, Find I may help you. While live tracking would not work, Find I may still be able to help you locate your lost phone by displaying its last specific address.

More information is available by having to click the grey loop, then clicking the help to clarify I, which includes the last time the device was shown at this location. The present site of the lost device cannot be determined unless it is tucked in to charge.

First, before batteries die, make very sure your iPhone delivers its last known location. By default, Send Last Location is turned on. Send Last Location can be turned on or off in Contexts (iOS 13 and later):

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Apple ID -> Find My -> Find My iPhone
  2. Toggle Send Last Location -> ON (green switch)

As a result, my last statement in my initial comment was, “I agree.” “One thing to keep in mind is that as the iPhone is charged and turned on again, you do not need to toggle the services (including the Find My app) back on. As soon as the iPhone is turned on, this happens automatically.”

Does Find My iPhone Work When Phone is Dead?

You can get the last known location of the iPhone when it is dead or it is turned off. Let’s say someone uses your phone in some alley – that is – turns it on. The iPhone will record that last location. Now even if the phone is dead, you will have that location available on the Find my iPhone app.

Does Find my iPhone work when phone is dead

The good news is that with Find my iPhone app, you can set the timer on the phone, delete data on the phone, or even send a push notification message that will display on the iPhone when it is turned off next time and has internet or GPS access.

All these options are already available in Find my iPhone app.

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