Zain Khateer Prepaid Mobile Package Details & Prices

Zain Khateer Prepaid Package is one of the best when it comes to talking with others in the KSA. You can use the Zain Khateer prepaid package for all types of contacts whether you are talking to family friends or even your wife, the package is great for you.

The best part about using the Zain Khateer Prepaid Package is that you can use all social media channels on the package including Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Whatsapp and many others.

Let’s learn how to easily subscribe to the Zain Khateer Prepaid Package.

Zain Khateer Package Prices:

The price of the Saudi Arabia Zain Khateer package varies for different slabs. Here is the complete table available. As you can see the prices start from SR59 to SR 159.
You have the limit to use social media in the first package but in the other two packages you can use unlimited social media.
To subscribe to the Zain Khateer prepaid package send the code to 959

Zain Khateer Prepaid Package Subscription:

To check your remaining benefits balance on Saudi Arabia Zain Khateer package, send “BC” to 959. Also, you can subscribe to the package by typing ‘S59’ for the basic shabab 59 package, S140 for middle package that is Shabab 140 by sending ‘S140’ and Shabab 199 by sending ‘S199’ to code 959. This will subscribe you to the Zain Khateer Mobile Package.

The package includes all social media apps.

Zain Khateer Package Validity:

You should note that the validity of the Zain Khateer package is 4 Weeks. This means you will have to resubscribe to the Zain Khateer package once it expires. This means you will have to renew the package by paying the same amount of fees.

Also note that the Zain Khateer package can be disconnected if you don’t use the package for 90 days.
– Placing calls
– Sending SMS
– Browsing the internet
Recharging with any amount
If you do not make one of the above transactions in a 90 day period, Zain will move you to the call-receiving package only. Therefore, you will have to recharge your Zain mobile package every 30 days to keep it active.

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