Check UAE Etisalat Owner Name – Find Dubai Mobile Owner

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Here is how you can find Etisalat Sim Number Check Code in 2018. Learn how to easily check UAE sim number of Etisalat. In this article we tell how you can get the details of Etisalat SIM issued and other telecom of UAE without balance.

How to Check Etisalat Number Details?

It is pretty easy to check the Sim Number of Etisalat even with zero balance. You can easily verify the owner and the mobile connection as well.

Simply dial *248# from your Etisalat SIM and it will show you the number of your SIM card on the phone’s screen.

Dial: *248# from your smartphone

Price: Free

Code Charges
Dial *248# Free / No Balance

How To Check Etisalat Owner Name

Dial: 100 from your smartphone

Price: Free

The number will be shown on your screen for free and you can use it to tell your friends or loved ones about your phone number.

The phone number checking offer currently only works with Etisalat sim cards.

The method is available all across United Arab Emirates (UAE) including Etisalatbai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman and Umm al Quwain.

Here is how to check Etisalat Owner Details

Code Charges
Dial 100 Free / No Balance


Terms and Conditions to Check Etisalat Mobile Number

  • With the offer you get Etisalat to see the sim number on your mobile phone screen for zero rupees
  • The number will be shown only for active sim cards. This means SIM cards that were inactive for a long time, they will not be available to see the number with the Etisalat number checking offer.
  • Codes can change at anytime so make sure to check Etisalat website for latest codes.
  • The above method will tell the Etisalat SIM Card Number. To find more information about the user,
  • You can check the Etisalat Sim Owner, Etisalat Number registered address and Location of Etisalat Owner by the second code.

Here’s How Etisalat Online SIM Registration Process Works

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