How Can You Get a Credit Loan in Etisalat?

On a trip? Have to make an important call but the insufficient credit won’t let you do anything. Don’t you worry as your mobile network won’t ditch you here, if and only if you are an Etisalat user. Etisalat, one of the largest mobile networks of Emirates offers credit and data loan services. Only  Prepaid Wasel users who have been actively using the network for three months with the usage of AED 10/month minimum usage are eligible for the ‘Reserve Credit’ as the company has named the service. 

Get a credit loan in Etisalat: All you need to know

The eligible users will automatically receive a notification from Etisalat when the credit balance reaches less than 1 AED. The notification mentions how much reserve credit amount is the user eligible for depending on the previous usage. The amount may vary from AED 6 to AED 80. The reserve credit amount that was utilized would be deducted from the very next recharge. Very little service charges and no expiry of the reserve credit are a cherry on the top. Moreover, the reserve credit service is available for all prepaid tariff plans and packages, making it more flexible and reliable for the customers.

How to manage credit loan?

  • To subscribe to the reserve credit, dial *108*1#
  • To check your remaining reserve, dial *121#
  • You can unsubscribe to the service by dialing *108*2#

How to get data loan in Etisalat

Want to use your internet when you are out of credit? Etisalat has got you covered here too. Internet data loan can be availed for one day.  You can get unlimited data for one day and it will charge you AED 6 Excluding 5% VAT. The offer comes with a limitation of Internet speed of 400kbps For the first 250mbs. Under usage of more data, the speed will be reduced to 64kbps. The data can be used for any purpose may it be browsing, using social sites, or video calling.

Subscription of Etisalat Data Loan

All you have to do is dial *108# and you will get unlimited data for one day. 

Other Plans for Calls, SMS, and Data in Etisalat

Reserve credit can also be used for calls SMS and data at Pay-as-you-go rates.

  • A service fee of AED 0.06 will apply to every minute of the call or every SMS.
  • Data loan will be charged at AED 1.20 per MB. 5% VAT is exclusive of this amount.

The vast flexibility and diversity of the service indicate that the convenience of the user is the first and foremost priority at Etisalat.


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