Find USSD Code to Check Reliance Own Mobile Number

In this post, you will find reliance code to check your own mobile number. Yes, it is an odd way to check your own number but believe me many people do not know even their own numbers. Aged folks can’t remember numbers so they forget. But thanks to Reliance USSD Code for Number Checking, users can easily check their own mobile SIM number without any problem.

The mobile number USSD Code is provided by your mobile operator. The code can be dialed from the mobile number of which you want to find the code. Once the number is found, you can easily save it or write it on a paper. This USSD code comes in handy especially when one of your friends are asking your mobile number and you don’t know what to give him.

In India, many users use Reliance are looking for the USSD codes to find their own mobile numbers. But before we show the codes, let’s discuss some questions that the mobile users often ask.

For those who cannot wait: Here is the mobile code to check your mobile number on Reliance network:



–        What are the Own number check codes?

There are Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes available for all small services. The Reliance check code to check mobile number code is also for the same purpose. You can use mobile number codes to check your own mobile number or also ask your friends to check their mobile numbers if they aren’t sure.

–        How to find own Reliance number?

You can find your own Reliance mobile number by dialing the self-number check USSD code provided by each network operator. Telecom companies provide different USSD codes to check the mobile number on their network operator. Simply dial it from your mobile number and the number will be displayed on your screen.

–        Why do we need to check own number?

The USSD code is really helpful for users who buy a new SIM card and don’t memorise the number. By having the USSD code at their disposal, they don’t have to ask everyone about ‘what is my mobile number’ instead they can simply check the mobile number by dialing the mobile code.

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What is Reliance USSD Code for Checking My Number?

It is really simply. Simply dial the following code from your mobile to check your SIM number.


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