How to Register a Complaint with Etisalat in UAE?

Telecom Etisalat How to Register a Complaint with Etisalat in UAE?

Registration of a complaint in the Etisalat headquarters in UAE is pretty simple. You can register a complaint either via your phone or the social media platforms Etisalat. To our surprise, Etisalat is pretty active on its social media platforms and responds really quickly. 

The complaint can be registered online via the internet or it can also be lodged offline via the mobile phone having an Etisalat sim in it. 

Note: Please make sure to register your complaint through an Etisalat number otherwise, your complaint will not be able to proceed. 

Registering the complaint via your phone:

If you don’t have an internet connection and you can’t log in to any of the social media platforms, using your phone is the best method for you. Here is the step-by-step guide to registering your complaint through your sim. 

  • Dial 101 from your phone having an Etisalat sim card and press the call option. 
  • Wait for the operator to ask for your desired department or dial the extension (if you know).
  • Wait for the operator to connect you with the complaint department. 

You will be connected to the representative of the complaint department to whom you can explain all your issues regarding your Etisalat sim. The representative will lodge your complaint after asking for your details. Make sure to provide all the information correctly to the complaint department so that your queries can be resolved easily without any hassle. 

Registering the complaint via social media platforms:

When trying to register a complaint online, you will have to choose your preferred social media site. You can choose from Etisalat’s Facebook or Twitter page, or you can also send them an email about your problem. Online complaints are more likely to get resolved in a very short period.

For Facebook complaint 

  • Go to Etisalat’s Facebook page.
  • Leave them a Facebook message
  • Or click the “Need Support” option on the support page 

For Twitter complaint

  • Twitter complaints are the same as Facebook.

For Email complaint 

  • Compose an email with all your details and your issues related to the Etisalat Sim
  • Send this email to the Etisalat email address [email protected] 

If your complaints don’t seem to be solving properly you can visit the nearest head office of Etisalat too. Check the Etisalat franchise in your area.

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