Is PUBG Banned in the UAE and Dubai?

PUBG Mobile, the most popular battle royal game of all time, is not without controversy. PUBG Mobile was a game known or suspected as addicting and hurting children’s sensitive minds. It is on the verge of being banned in a few nations. The game was first released on PC. Then later consoles were included. The game acquired popularity and a large fan following, prompting the creators to create a mobile version as well as PUBG lite versions for lower-spec computers.

On March 1st of 2022, PUBG Mobile celebrated its one-year anniversary. The game had several competitions worldwide, which were a huge success and provided future participants. However, every excellent thing has some negatives, and PUBG Mobile has been accused of having several. The story originated in the UAE, where a fitness trainer was discovered wounded, with the cause given as “PUBG” and so on.

PUBG Mobile Ban in the UAE

Parents in Dubai said that the game was addictive. They informed Khaleej Times, a news organization, about their children’s hostile conduct after playing the game. The game has also been accused of being as addictive as drugs and alcohol.

A member of the Federal National Council has also requested that the famous online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds be banned in the UAE.

Due to worries about its violent nature, the game, which sets players against one other in a virtual fight to the death, has already been forbidden by Iraq’s parliament.

When it meets this week, the Federal National Council will consider whether the UAE should follow suit.

After receiving concerns from parents, Naima Al Sharhan, Head of the FNC Committee on Education, requested the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to stop PUBG and similar games immediately.

Ms. Al Sharhan told Al Roeya that the game had previously been banned in other countries due to its encouragement of violence among minors.

The popular but cruel online game was prohibited in Iraq after the country’s parliament unanimously banned it for “inciting violence” in the war-torn country.

Is PUBG Banned In UAE?

It was released internationally on June 12, 2012, for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The Line was outlawed in the United Arab Emirates because of its position in Dubai, which has since been dismantled. Players can mask their activity in the game by hiding behind cover, vaulting over barriers, or blasting foes with numerous devices.

Which Games Are Banned in the UAE?

The UAE Attorney-General banned several online games, including Roblox, My Friend Cayla, Blue Whale, Cloudpets, and Mariam. According to Dr. Saif Saif Al Shamsi, he is attempting to restrict certain game titles. In a recent interview with KhaleejTimes, Dr. Hamad stated that these internet games significantly affect gamers.

Federal National Council members have also urged for gaming bans in the UAE to prevent detrimental addiction that “positively corrupts the country’s young people.” 

Is PUBG Still Banned in 2022?

According to Khaleej time, PUBG Mobile will be prohibited from using mobile payment applications in September 2022.

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