How To Buy Crates In CSGO? All You Should Know

Regarding aesthetics, skins are potentially the best thing to ever emerge to CSGO. It adds a splash of color to the game, breaking up the boring and repetitive colors that greet players every time they play a map.

Players may now buy and equip skins for practically every weapon in CSGO, thanks to the introduction of skins. CSGO skins know no bounds, each having its own design, pattern, and color scheme that can genuinely benefit players and look unique.

If you’ve ever been puzzled about how to open some cases to obtain the rare and costly Dragon Lore AWP, you’ve come to the correct spot.

One way to acquire skins in CSGO is through cases.  Players must first acquire a key from the CSGO Store to open cases. Each Key usually costs $2.50 and is different from one Case. Cases are randomly dropped after each game in CSGO. Each case can only be unlocked once and contains a single unique skin.

How To Buy Cases In CSGO?

Let’s buy some Cases if you have some extra cash to spare and want to see how lucky you are for the day. Here are the complete steps to buy CSGO.

First you will need to land on a case to buy it. Once you have the case available, here is what you should do.

  1. On CSGO Main Screen, click the Shop Icon in the left-hand panel.
  2. Next, select a case to open. In this instance (pun intended), we chose to open the Danger Zone case. We will also have to buy a key because we do not have one.
  3. To buy a key, go to the bottom of the screen and click the Green Button.
  4. If you don’t have enough Steam Credits, a box should appear. Do whatever is necessary to add Steam Credits to your acct.
  5. After purchasing the key, go to your inventory, right-click on the Danger Zone Case Key, and then select Unlock Container.
  6. It will display all of the cases you presently own; simply select one of them.
  7. A roulette wheel will momentarily spin.
  8. And land on a case collection skin at random.

What are Skins in CSGO?

The addition of skins to CSGO was welcome news for CSGO fans all around the globe, as it provides the game a refreshing change in terms of specific customization and bragging rights. Players may buy and equip skins that appeal to them and flaunt their wealth since most of these skins cost several thousand dollars.

One advantage of CSGO skins is that the themes are not always linked to the price. In CSGO, you can get some fascinating skins for less than the price of a cup of Starbucks. So, even if you’re swimming in money or scraping the bottom of the barrel, there’s a skin for everyone in CSGO.

What are keys in CSGO?

Keys are mostly just: keys. They are simply nothing more than a digital key that is used to open digital cases. There are numerous different containers or cases in CSGO that require a particular key to access. Fortunately, since keys are attached to a single Case upon purchase, gamers won’t have to estimate which keys are for which Cases.

Keys are just $2.50, which is still a lot given you could only get a skin worth $0.10 in return. Still, if it’s your fortunate day, this bet is a little price to pay. If you do get unfortunate, at least you have half-decent skin.

Rare skins can fetch several thousands of dollars if you are fortunate enough to obtain one. In factory-new condition, a rifle skin like the AWP Dragon Lore may cost up to $1500.

Is it possible to open CSGO cases for free?

Sorry. You will need to buy a key of $2.50 to open a CSGO case. If you don’t have the key available, then you can’t open the CSGO case. The only cases that you can open for free in CSGO are Souvenir cases. However, these cases are only dropped during Valve Major tournament games.

What are Cases in CSGO?

Cases in CSGO are containers that store a variety of skins varying from dirt cheap, worthless rubbish to really expensive and costly knives, weapons, AWPs, and so on.

Several Cases are a one-time drop that appears whenever a new expansion is implemented in-game. There are seven blue skins, five purple skins, three pink skins, and two red skins in each instance. Each shade represents a different value associated with each skin classification, with blue being the least desired and red being extremely rare.

A bonus yellow skin is also labeled as a Rare Special Item, which is generally a one-of-a-kind knife in CSGO. Knives are among the highest base skin costs in CSGO. Therefore finding one in the case opening roulette will almost certainly result in an extremely costly skin.

Points to Note about CSGO Cases

You can only get one or two cases in CSGO per week

There are many cases in CSGO. The more matches you play in-game, the more likely you are to acquire Cases Drops. But do note that you can only get a one or two CSGO cases per week.

Case openings are fascinating since you never know what you’ll gain from the case. We’re all hoping to get our hands on that illusive knife or a really rare AK-47 Asimov in Factory-New condition.

Whether you win or lose in the case opening, keep in mind that even inexpensive skins are getting more attention than the standard gun skins. Thus, you’ll still look better than the person who has no Skins at all.

We hope that this article has helped you learn exactly the steps that you would need to buy cases in CSGO. Let us know if this article was helpful.

If you have more tips about buying cases in CSGO then let us know that as well.

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