Should you use VPN in Dubai for Public Wifi?

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This is an interesting question.

Think about it: How many instances have you experienced of people saying that their accounts were hacked because they used the Dubai public Wifi? Not many right? That’s it. Dubai public wifi is secure if you take the requisite precautionary measures.

In this article, we will discuss whether you should get a VPN for Dubai public Wifi or not.

Dubai Public Wifi Security

Dubai public wifi is open connection. This means anyone can connect to the Dubai public wifi without any type of security protocol. Where this eases the connectivity for people, it also makes it dangerous for people to share their information. warns that other users with malicious intent can eavesdrop on your activities and sniff your information from public wifi.

Here is what the article has to say:

“So, if you’re shopping online, they can potentially intercept your credit card information, including password and card number, if the website you’re using is not secure.”

A few things that you should not be doing on the Dubai public wifi are:

  • Enter credit card information
  • Login to secure software
  • Check your email accounts
  • Open your secure cloud folders
  • Upload pictures from your smartphone
  • Download anything on your smartphone

When you are engaged in any of these activities, hackers are more likely to steal your data or get access to your smartphone. They do that by attaching a file to anything that you download to your computer. When you open it, the file is run in the background. It attaches itself to various services apps on your system and then takes control.

The best way to keep yourself secure on the Dubai public Wifi is to use a decent quality Virtual Private Network (VPN) network.

How Can a VPN Secure Your Internet Activities On Public Wifi?

A wifi allows you to remain secure over Dubai public wifi. It creates a secure connection to a server through IP tunneling. When you reach that server, the hackers will only see that you are connected a server in some country. They can’t know what you are doing on that server or what type of information you are getting. It is because of the tunneled connection that can’t be cracked by hackers.

VPN connections use various protocols such as ikev2, IPsec, SSTP, and OpenVPN. These are impossible to crack by regular hackers. SSTP, OpenVPN are still the most powerful protocols to use for any VPN connection. All these protocols are under active development so you can use them on your smartphone without a problem.

Other Ways to Secure Your Device on Dubai Public Wifi?

You can use other ways to secure your data over the public wifi including:

  • Internet security app on your smartphone
  • Restricting settings to not install apps from unknown websites
  • Adding an antivirus software that can detect malicious files


Is getting a VPN beneficial to you in Dubai? Yes it definitely is. If you are connecting to Dubai public Wifi, then get a secure VPN that allows you to browse the internet anonymously.

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